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Blockchain technology is a live changing technology which has created opportunities for individuals , businesses and organizations.It has created employment opportunities for so many people .Some people livelihood depends on trading in Cryptocurrencies while some startup businesses willing to raise funds their various projects goes raise funds through cryptocurrencies . Government , educational sectors willing to increase their operational efficiency can simply integrate blockchain into their systems. Advantages offers by this technology is not limited to all i have mentioned. In this article, i will be exposing a money making tricks through Investment in cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. Am going to discuss at length about IQ.Cash Blockchain platform and the investment opportunities they offered to the public . IQ.Cash is a Blockchain network which specialize in anonymous payment solution and offering MasterNode investment to the general public . IQ.Cash MasterNode investment offers up to 200% Profit on Investment per year.



IQ.Cash platform is a blockchain platform that offers anonymous payment solution and offering MasterNode investment to the general public . IQ Coin is the native cryptocurrency of IQ.Cash platform and can be used for local and cross boarder financial transactions. IQ.Coin enable anonymous transactions among users which make any transaction history or record not traceable by the public .From my own point of view i believe the future of Cryptocurrency is Private coins as all government of the world are not friendly with cryptocurrency.Apart from being a privacy payment solution, IQ.Cash offer the best investment solution in the area of MasterNodes. IQ.Cash MasterNode is the best option instead of investing in a conventional Bank fixed deposit that will tie down money with little or no interest. Investment in MasterNode to some extent is like investing in Bank fixed deposit.The only difference is the blockchain technicalities ,the use of cryptocurrency and profitability per annum.


IQ.Cash is a blockchain ecosystem that sees to the general well being of its network participants. As a blockchain ecosystem , Miners and MasterNode operators are fairly treated and rewarded. To be a miner in IQ.Cash network, users dont require heaving mining equipment . The blockchain system is modern and ASIC resistance. Miners in the platform are fairly rewarded while the MasterNode owners are fairly rewarded as well . The network blocks is splitted into fractions to compensate the network participants in which the Miners get 43% of the network blocks while the MasterNode owners get 57% . This makes IQ.Cash stand out compare to any other blockchain platform that does not sees importance in equitable distribution of wealth in their network.


1. DECENTRALIZATION : Decentralization is one of the key feature of IQ.Cash platform . Users dont have to feel insecure because IQ.Cash platform deviates from being a gatekeeper or custodian of any investors funds. Users take absolute control over their assets through their private Keys.Everyone is responsible for their assets and investments and for the MasterNode owners , rewards are paid to each Nodes by the network automatically. The system is autonomous and no one co-ordinates it .

2. ANONYMOUS PAYMENT SOLUTION : As stated earlier, IQ.Cash is an anonymous payment service provider. Users can conduct Peer to Peer transfer of IQ coins anonymously .Both Local and cross boarder financial transactions can also be done anonymously through IQ.Cash wallet through PrivateSend Button.

3. ASIC RESISTANCE : IQ.Cash employs Neoscrypt algorithm in their mining system . Mining operations is simplified and the need to spend heavily on costly mining equipment is eradicated. With your Personal Computers mining can be easily done .

4. MASTERNODE INVESTMENT : Amongst services offered by IQ.Cash platform is MasterNode Investment which enable anyone to be an investors and earn passive income on MasterNode investment . It requires a minimum of 3000 IQ Coins to own a MasterNode .Besides, IQ.Cash MasterNode can be operated on Mobile phone through Flits Apps.This simply means anyone who doesn't have PC can also own a masternode and earn passive income.

5. HIGH LIQUDITY : IQ coin is an high liquidity coin which can also be traded on multiple exchanges for profit. IQ Coin is listed in several top cryptocurrency exchanges .IQ Coin can be traded on Hitbtc, Bitforex, Crex24, Mercatox, P2PB2B Exchanges and more exchange coming in future.




First step is to download the Flits Apps which is available both in Android and IOS operating system .

Second step go to exchanges or IQ.Cash portal to buy IQ Coins . IQ coins can be bought with Credit/Debit card on IQ.Cash platform and can also be purchased on the listed Exchanges. It takes minimum of 3000 IQ COins to run a MasterNode and the more coins staked on MasterNode , the more the income capacity .

Third Step, transfer the IQ Coins to IQ Coin wallet in Flits apps and Create a MasterNode Server . Don't forget you will need 1 unit of IQ Coin to process the transactions and you will need to pay monthly hosting fees which is not more $1-$4 for using Flits MasterNode service.

Fourth Step Deposit your IQ Coins in the MasterNode and get activated . Your journey to passive income begins.


IQ.Cash is a good choice of investment for everyone . It is a working platform which has gained high number of investors globally. The more the user base grows the more the value of IQ coins increases. What next are you waiting for ? Be part of the future.



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