Gotem, world first Blockchain based platform that offers Humanitarian and Crowdfunding Solutions

By Decentraliza | BlockchainWorld | 20 Aug 2020



Gotem sees to the problem of the masses and offering sustainable solution to the problems faced by the helpless and vulnerable people across the world.In addition, Gotem offers a decentralized one stop platform which includes In-built Decentralized smart Contracts , a secured payment system coupled with escrow service .The Foundation offers a sophisticated blockchain based infrastructure for fund raising and campaign management in any events of the global crisis.

The Current Global Pandemic caused by Covid-19 has made several government of the World to take some stringent measures to combat, contain and reduce the spread of the virus in their various Countries. All these steps have negative effects on the poor and vulnerable masses. Some countries lock down their cities , order business closure, closing both Local and International Airlines. These measures cant benefit everyone . Some businesses have liquidated as a result of this pandemic and rate of poverty keep unceasing . There are some class of people that lives on wages, this class of people cant survive if they dont go out on daily basis to work. Few of the global government are filling all these loopholes for their citizens while majority of them dont care of the well being of the masses.

Gotem Foundation has emerged to proffer solutions to all these problems..Gotem will function as an enabler of humanitarian Crowdfunding Solutions. Coincidentally, Gotem platform got founded in the year where Pandemics Covid-19 hit the world in which the world will need its services.Currently , the world is in a trying time , people are willing to campaign for the less privilege and the vulnerable people whose government actions affected as a result of the raging Global pandemics Covid-19. The funds needed to sponsor this campaign is not readily available and it would be extremely difficult to move such motion to fight the right of the people. Gotem has developed a platform where this type of campaign can take place . The platform leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts for such campaign.. This will ensure extreme transparency and security of funds and platform conducts. Funds releas for different projects will be based on voting system . Gotem platform operates on cryptocurrency named GTX. It is the native cryptocurrency that fuels activities in GOTEM platform . The currency can be used for vboth local and cross boarder financial transaction. .Both Credit and Debit card payment and pledges are accepted in Gotem platform.

Gotem offers both local and international solutions to manage stakeholders campaigns, agencies are designated across different regions for fundraising and management of various stake holders.


Gotem will help in obtaining and financing some certain campaigns focused on humanitarian. The basis is to finance global defense, protecting the less privilege and empowering, individuals, industries and communities . Through Gotem platform, individual will be able to hire private Investigators or security for a particular mission .Gotem will empower everyone to financing and executing a mission , hence obtaining desired results . Funds for a particular campaign can be financed collectively via private Contractors . Voting system are mostly used for approving Campaigns or cases to be sponsored.


Gotem Platform will empower everyone access to file urgent cases correlated with defense, private investigations , humanitarian supports ,Cyber security and lots. The Platform will enable anyone to conduct search and hiring private Investigators , Virtual detective and Private defense all over the world.This is a project designed for humanity and its well being. Its really worth supporting this class of project. Lets protect humanity and make the world a better place for all .

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