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Generally, financial market is an online market where varieties of financial assets are being created and traded.Financial assets such as Bonds, fiat currencies,cryptocurrencies, , stocks, gold ,silver and more . This system of trading is very advantageous due to its role of distributing limited financial resources in a national economy.

The financial market plays a role of of intermediary between both  investors and savers by providing liquidity and adequate capital for them . The market open seamless opportunities for both buyer and sellers where they can trade various assets at a natural price as determined by the forces of demand and supply.

In this article i will be introducing to my readers a global financial market for trading all sorts of digital assets named Defi-trade . CFDs is one among the major tradable assets in platform . It enable seamless room for trading CFDs i.e buying and selling of CFDs derivative products where traders , investors can speculate in all forms of various Financial markets like Forex, indices ,stock and commodities without any need to own those assets. Traders of CFDs products dont have to own those assets , rather they agree on exchanging the digital assets price as soon as the contract has been created till it get closed.. Traders of these class of derivatives enjoy some benefits in the trading , they can speculate prices in both upward and downward moments. The profitability of the trader is solely depends on the accuracy of their prediction.


The above explained conventional system of trading CFDS is quite different from the new trending and most reliable Defi trading system . Before i got into the details i will like to explain how Decentralize Exchange system works.

Decentralized Exchange popularly known as DEX is an digital trading platform which its system of operation does not rely on any Central system or third party services or management .Be it in terms of funds management .The system is strictly Peer to Peer (P2P) facilitated with some level of automation. This simply means trading system is dependent on 2 or more parties to trade . They deal with one another instead of incorporating the service of intermediary which can eventually lead to hacks, stolen funds and all forms of manipulations.

Unlike in the centralized setup where the system is strictly centralized, users who deposit their funds on the DEX received an IOU which simply means they can trade seamlessly on the platform and on the occasion where withdrawals are requested by the users , funds will be converted into cryptocurrency and transferred for withdrawals.


The platform offers faster , easy and convenient means of trading all sorts of financial assets in a decentralized system  .DEXES establish a means in which traders connect each other using smart contracts. Decentralized Exchange does not require any form of identification (KYC) (AML) . It connect the people together universally . The trust-less nature of this platform makes it more better than the centralized Exchanges system .Users take responsibilities of their funds and assets through their private keys .Decentralization in the global financial system has emerged to change the way things were in the past. Defi.Trade platform is offering the global users a very sound and quality platform that guarantees absolute security, liquidity and privacy which will enable users to take complete control and responsibilities over their funds. The platform implements blockchain based smart contracts to enable traders enjoy the best trading experience.


1. SECURITY : Security is of paramount importance in any exchanges services be it centralized or decentralized. Defi.Trade is offering the best and top notch security to ensure safety of the platform users.

2. HIGH LIQUIDITY : Defi.Trade is a robust trading platform based on tron blockchain . All tron and Defi projects will be listed on this exchange , hence boosting the platform liquidity and enabling seamless and convenient trading for the platform users.

3. DEMO ACCOUNT OFFERED WITH HUGE BALANCE : To allow users to learn more about the platform , the team has developed a DEMO platform with sufficient demo funds for users to learn and get accustomed with the exchange.

4. INSTANT WITHDRAWAL : Withdrawal processing speed in Defi.Trade platform is very fast . Users dont have to wait forever before making their withdrawals .Tron is among one of the world most fastest network. Withdrawal is instant .

5. PRIVACY : The process of joining Defi.Trade platform is very simple and straightforward. Users don't have to register on web which require their personal information and email.Users can connect to the trading platform immediately through their private key with Tron-wallet chrome Dapp. Besides, users take full control and responsibility of their funds through their private keys,



1. Users must deposit their TRC20 token or their DEF token into the Main account which must be converted to USE token that can only be used as trading currency in Defi.Trade Exchange.

2. Users need to register into the Main account through a user referral link on the DApp browser

3. To conduct trade, user must deposit their funds either TRC20 token or DEFI which will be converted to USE token which is the platform trading currency.

4. Don't forget to transfer your USE token from the main account into the Live trading account.The final step is to make prediction regarding the market and begin earning.



Without doubt , Defi.Trade will bring high liquidity into cryptocurrency ecosystem. The fact the trading system is not limited to Cryptocurrency is a very huge plus and a new revolution in crypto space. Defi.Trade platform is bridging gap between cryptocurrency trading and CBDs products. Users will be able to trade seamlessly all forms of financial assets such as Bonds, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, , stocks, gold ,silver and more in a decentralized platform . This system of trading is very advantageous due to its role of distributing limited financial resources in a cryptocurrency industry. Get yourself upgraded . Start trading on Defi.Trade platform and be part of this amazing revolution.#Defi.Trade #Finance #Defi #Crypto #exchange

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