AXIO Currency, A Safe Haven For All Global Investors.

By Decentraliza | BlockchainWorld | 15 Jun 2020



Cryptocurrencies was developed to correct the deficiencies in the global monetary system.Bitcoin was the first ever existed cryptocurrency created by an anonymous personality popularly known as Satoshi Nakamato. Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies were unable to address the deficiencies in the global cryptocurrency space such as High volatility, lack of usability , lack of intrinsic value and unsuitable medium of exchange. There are lots of Startup projects whose their native cryptocurrencies does not have any use case.They just raised funds to issue a mere cryptography to their investors and eventually such project end up collapsing at the short run .

Today , in this publication i will be discussing with my dear readers about a one of a kind blockchain STO Project named AXIO.
AXIO is an innovative and game changing asset backed Cryptocurrency created to correct the anomalies in the general cryptocurrency industry . Axio will correct some of the loopholes in the existing cryptocurrencies .It is no doubt crypto industry is finding it extremely difficult to attract institutional investors due to some limitations in the industry .Axio has emerged to proffer a sustainable solution to all these problems and making cryptocurrency investment worthy , considerable and accessible by any class of investors or investment group, hence , facilitating massive adoption.
The existing cryptocurrency system is scary due to the high volatile nature and lack of definite intrinsic value . AXIO is not just a mere cryptocurrency , it is a components of a patent pending asset backed cryptocurrency.AXIO currency will be a safe haven that welcomes all global investors. The ecosystem will offer a currency with a stable intrinsic value , transparency , privacy, interest payment ,cross boarder financial transactions and free real time transactions.

Axio currency was developed and based on the principle of deflation , public access and absolute transparency .It will be issued as a Security under the United State Law which will grant a form of protection to the investors against the associated predominant barrier in the cryptocurrency industry . AXIO is a currency with huge  potential, it aims to become the next generation of cryptocurrency that will eliminate completely the problems related to the conventional cryptocurrency system .



Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamato with the soul aim of creating Decentralized Peer to Peer form of Currency that will be globally acceptable and free from any government or regulatory restrictions .Bitcoin achieved this purpose but unfortunately it could not function as money because they are not legal tender, not legally recognized by any government of the world.Scalability is another problem which make cryptocurrencies unable to compete with government issued Fiat.

As mentioned earlier, AXIO is not just a mere cryptocurrency , it is an asset backed cryptocurrency that will function as money and serve all qualities of money . AXIO was primarily developed to offer sustainable solution to the existing problems in Cryptocurrency space .It aims to function as money in other to correct the diffciencies in the current global monetary system . Axio will be integrating all relevant components of an efficient monetary system .Axio will create a huge ecosystem with different sectors which will comprises of account maintenance , dispute resolution , loan issuance and service center,Transactions coordination sector and more. With all these components in Axio ecosystem, all AXIO in the circulation will be recorded and accounted for .

AXIO IS A SECURITY : Axio is not tagged as any national currency and the use of the currency will be global and not limited to any nation. Axio will enable everyone to open their denominated accounts notwithstanding their local currencies .This will create opportunities for cross boarder financial transactions using AXIO as alternative to fiat currency and will offer free transaction service. The need to make transaction fee payment when making payment will be eliminated hence, competing against other currencies.


Money serves a medium of exchange of goods and services.In a simple term , money could be defined as a financial obligation which acknowledge debt which promises to repay a particular amount owed.i.e informal loan agreement. Money must be borrowed into existence and in any good monetary system , the amount of money in circulation should be equivalent to the amount of the outstanding debts or else it will have not intrinsic value.
Axio project is a blockchain backed currency .Each AXIO currency will be created issued as a loan and destroyed when paid out .This process which includes issuance of

Axio and destroying each Axio currency after being paid out will be wholly conduct on blockchain to ensure efficiency , security and maximum transparency in the whole process. Axio currency will be backed by the full faith and borrowers credit .This would make axio stand out among any ever existed cryptocurrency and enable it maintain intrinsic value which doesn't reliant on commodities or other currencies .
Axio will compete with fiat currencies .Its value will be based on supply and demand and borrowers credit coupled with peopls faith.It natural for fiat to lose value as a result of inflation .Axio deals with deflation.


Axio will offer supports for different kinds of payment system which will enable its seamless usability .It will implements mobile payment system which will enable the foundation bypassing the existing payment infrastructures and high charges they attracted .Every transaction which does not require currency conversion will be free for both retailers and consumers .Distributed Computer system that will enable the transaction processing in real time will be operated by AXIO.

TRANSPARENCY : Axio Foundation will operate on open and transparent system to benefit their members. Details of operation that includes operating expenses , Deposited amounts , Reserves Fund , Profits , Outstanding loans and Operating expenses wil be make public and accessible by the public . All these information will be published on open blockchain and will reveal the running of the platform and Axio Foundation financial status.




The existing cryptocurrency system is scary due to the high volatile nature and lack of definite intrinsic value . AXIO is not just a mere cryptocurrency , it is a global currency with a components of a patent pending asset backed cryptocurrency.Axio has emerged to proffer a sustainable solution to the prevalent barrier in the existing cryptocurrency monetary system and making cryptocurrency investment worthy, considerable and accessible by any class of investors or investment group, hence ,ffacilitating cryptocurrency massive adoption. AXIO currency will be a safe haven that welcomes all global investors.

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