Solana Giveaway of 10,000 SOL and A New CyberTruck in Collation with FTX Exchange!

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 27 Jul 2020

Hello readers, I am going to share your amazing Airdrop Giveaway by SOLANA Blockchain. You can easily participate in it by creating an account on FTX Exchange which are giving away SOL token and a chance to win a Cyber Truck as well :)

You can Participate in airdrop on this link:


To Celebrate Solana listing on FTX Exchange they are giving Cybertruck to one lucky random winner, And to participate in airdrop Click THIS LINK firstly and then submit your details i-e your email address, name,  twitter and telegram username along with your referral code on FTX Exchange into that form. Click on all the steps shown on the below image on the link I have provided above. 


Note: You should buy and hold at least 5 SOL for two weeks and refer only one friend to get eligible for the airdrop pool from 10,000 SOL Tokens.


which is outperforming blockchain with the highest number of transactions per second of up to 65,000 p/s and 400 ms block time and over 135 Nodes running on main-net. It's developed by Dev working in Qualcomm, Intel, Google, Microsoft, and pioneers of technology in 2017. 





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