How I Earn 1.2 Million CAPT Coins before the Launch on Sep 2020 (Hurry UP!!)

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 20 Jul 2020

I'm so glad to share my portfolio at Captain Bitcoin which aims for mass adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies by sharing the videos and asking members to earn CAPT tokens by answering correctly. Anyone can earn 10,000 CAPT Tokens by just signing up using Portis wallet with email and password or by using Meta Mask Chrome Extension. 

I have written several articles here on Publish0x many times too aware you guys how important that project can be after Sep 2020. It's free to acquire Captain bitcoin and even win bitcoin by participating on a daily basis on the platform. 

You can see above is my portfolio with 1.2 Million CAPT coins and I am aiming to acquire 10 Million before The launch of the platform, which will be on the 1st of Sep 2020.  You can see the screenshot below of today 14th July 2020. 


I will again tell you the steps involved to join Captain Bitcoin. You can see below the fast and easy steps one by one. It's simple as 1,2,3. Let me show you how?

  • First of all Open this link and click on 'Get Started Now':
  • Then it will ask you to signup using email using Portis.
  • Then enter your email and confirm it according to the instruction and verify your email after entering a username. 
  • You are all set to take part in earning bitcoin and CAPT tokens on a daily basis by learning new projects by clicking 'Earn' Tab. Bingo!

After Successful Signup, I'm sharing basic tutorials, and explaining each one of it for your easiness. Keep in mind that the balance on the wallet page will be updated after 24 hours, so please be very patient. The leaderboard page will show the highest point earner in regard to referrals and daily watching videos and answering correctly by earning PTS (Points).

watch more videos to increase your chance

So, you should watch the video very carefully, else you can also explore the website of the project described in the video on the bottom of the section. Please answer carefully too in order to increase your chance of winning. On a daily basis, the new project videos will be all set for the users. Cheers!

Answer correctly

As I described above, answer carefully the given multiple choice question. which will enable you to enter the daily bitcoin giveaways.

update about the winner

Thanks for Reading.

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