5 Steps to keep your Coins Safe - Secure any Cryptocurrency
5 Steps to keep your Coins Safe - Secure any Cryptocurrency

5 Steps to keep your Coins Safe - Secure any Cryptocurrency

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 7 May 2020

Hello readers, I hope every one of you is doing good in health. In this publishing, I'm going to talk about how one can secure cryptocurrency wallets and keep their coins safe from being hacked and phishing attacks. You must obey these 5 principle protocols to secure every wallet. All 5 basic principles are mentioned below:

  • Using Cold Storage or Paper Wallet

  • Enable Two Factor 2FA Authentication

  • Double Check the Address

  • Emails Phishing Attacks Prevention

  • Check the Locks and SSL certificate


Using Cold Storage or Paper Wallet

paper walletledger nano x

The first and most secure method to secure your wallet is a Paper wallet. Also known as cold storage wallet and to be known as the most secure method of securing your crypto coins. But you have to take care of that paper to be secured in your safe at home or somewhere, But its secure method than storing your private key somewhere in your computer, google drive or email to be hacked by a scammer using phishing links and websites. Simply, Its the method of isolating your private key from the internet by keeping it offline. Cold storage can also be used by storing it in hardware-encrypted storage such as your mobile phone. Using Ethereum with the help of the mobile MEW app is the best example of securing your Ethereum using your mobile device to securely link your wallet with the pc by scanning a barcode. Trezor wallet is also a good example of the most secure cold storage wallet.


Enable Two Factor 2FA Authentication

Google authentication 2FA

The second method is to secure your exchange accounts using 2FA and SMS code authentication methods. In order to access your exchange wallet every time there should be 2FA or SMS authentication otherwise it can be an easy target for phishing attackers. Google authenticator app is used with a 6 digit code, which changes after every minute. Thus a unique code is generated by the app to ensure the security of the user to double-check who you are. 2FA is the most important factor to ensure security.


Double Check the Address

withdraw address

When it comes to the address, many of us which are already may be familiar to double-checking of the withdrawal address but here I didn't mean about that address. Even thou that's compulsory too but here I am awarding about to double-check the URL address of the exchange having your assets. Phishing attackers use a similar URL address for getting login address information. Even while you are withdrawing your assets to a particular address the hacker or phishing attacker may change the address to their own, so in that case, you should double-check the address too. In both cases please be very careful while dealing with your assets on the exchange.


Emails Phishing Attacks Prevention

Phishing email

The hacker or attacker usually uses the medium of emails especially and then through google ads or different crypto websites. Phishing attacks become more and more prominent in the crypto world about scamming people's assets. These attacks even stole private keys stored on browser. So do not click on any link on email regardless of its authentication and confirmation. Update your antimalware and antivirus software as always along with web protection if possible as an extra security layer to prevent such attacks.


Check the Locks and SSL certificate


While browsing the web please make sure about the HTTPS protocol of the website, and while surfing the websites only HTTPS is the secure and locked website from phishing and hackers. Regardless on the other hand HTTP is not considered to be secure and you should notice of not having lock sign next to the URL of the website. In such a case, security is so crucial and one should be aware of this protocol to secure their assets and data.

One should be very careful while dealing with the digital wallets online, especially on the exchanges. The threat to your digital wallet is imminent and your one mistake can lead to the emptiness of your wallet. 

Please do comment and share your thoughts about how we can jointly secure ourselves from the fraud and phishing attackers and scammers. Millions got stolen every year in these attacks. Lets united we deal with this issue and be aware of. Thank you for reading my article. 


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