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Morning Coffee & " CRYPTO DUCK PUNKS " - NFT Drop - BlockChainPictures

BlockChainPictures presents

a super limited amount of 1 of 1 series to add to your NFT collection, 6 to be exact  " Crypto Duck Punks " on the OpenSea platform 3 on Polygon 3 on ETHEREUM.

" Crypto Duck Punks - #001 OG "


" Crypto Duck Punks #002- KINGFISH "


" Crypto Duck Punks #003 - El Capitan "

#003 El Capitan

" Crypto Duck Punks #004 - 3D SWAG "

#004 3D SWAG

" Crypto Duck Punks #005 - LA BLUE "

#005 LA BLUE

" Crypto Duck Punks #006 - LILY "

#005 LILY


Exclusive Traits and Stats create a rarity surplus of individuality. No two #CRYPTODUCKPUNKS will ever be the same. Buy now and save to add to your personal collection or re-sale with the investment strategy in mind.

Buyers choice.

There will more ducks dropped throughout the remaining collection to finish at a total of

100 = 1st Generation 

with 50% minting with Polygon's Blockchain ERC-1155 and 50% minting with Ethereum's Blockchain ERC-1155.







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BlockChainPictures NFT's
BlockChainPictures NFT's

In what will be looked back on as the creeping up the roller coaster in the future people like us will say I remember when bitcoin first hit $1,000 I remember people saying bitcoin will hit $50,000, I also remember thinking if dogecoin hits a penny ill be rich... even after knowing the story of the million $100,000 pizza transaction ( in retrospect ) I sold almost all of my dogecoin a year ago before it began to moon.

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