List Of Blockchain Games In Alpha, Beta And Pre-Sale | Part 1

List Of Blockchain Games In Alpha, Beta And Pre-Sale | Part 1

By blockchaingamer | blockchaingamer | 21 Aug 2019

Nothing is more exciting or more dynamic than the blockchain games market.

Each day throws up new projects, each with their own roadmap in terms of alpha, beta, pre-sale and launch.

Keeping track of all that activity is hard, but that’s what we’re attempting to do in this list, which will be regularly updated, so feel free to let us know if there are games and events we should be adding




Blockchain Cuties – War of Cutieland (Vx)


Available on Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO, the War of Cutieland is not only a sale of cuties with unique traits and skills, but plots of land from which to earn resources and wage war.

War of Cutieland (Pre-sale)


Alterverse (ETH)


Alterverse kicked off July with its own loot crate sale consisting of thousands of NFTs worth more than 195,000 ENJ.

Alterverse (Pre-sale)


Kingdoms Beyond (ETH)


Kingdoms Beyond has been relatively quiet about its development, with only a few updates here and there. But, with the game expected to launch in August, now’s a good time to kick off its pre-sale

Kingdoms Beyond (Pre-sale)


0xRacers (ETH)


0xRacers is the latest title coming from the 0xGames development team. In the same vein as Battle Racers and F1 Delta Time, 0xRacersoffers a wide range of customizable features

0xRacers (Pre-sale)




Decentraland (ETH)


Decentraland’s scene builder and SDK are in their later stages, and are accessible for developers who know what they are doing. For everyone else, we can sign up for details of the Decentraland Avatar creator – under early access.

Decentraland (Beta)


Crypto Spells (ETH)


Trading Card Game Crypto Spells is now undergoing a rolling open beta, meaning players can sign up, buy a range of NFTs and start putting them to use straight away.

Crypto Spells (Beta)


CryptoWars (ETH)


Since the start of 2019, the Experimental team has been hosting a series of week-long tournaments in order to stress test CryptoWars and the Loom Network. Every weekend, the team will be hosting tournaments.

CryptoWars (Beta)


Unlimited Tower (EOS)


Since early May, what’s labelled an Early Access of this RPG has been live on the EOS blockchain. It requires an EOS wallet such as Scatter.

Unlimited Tower (Early Access)




9Lives Arena (ETH)


Built on top of the Enjin Multiverse, this PVP combat game will be getting started with its alpha during May. Sign up for more details. You can also check out its blueprint pre-sale here.

9Lives Arena (Alpha)


Project Genesis (ETH)


8 Circuit Studios has been testing out a pre-alpha version of space combat/FPS Project Genesis for a number of months. Sign up now to get details of when the open Alpha is available.

Project Genesis (Alpha)


Crypto Space Commander (ETH)


Developed by the Lucid Sight team, Crypto Space Commander has been stress-testing its 0.5 alpha during late 2018. According to the team, the full alpha will be available as of early-Q2, 2019. Sign up for more details.

Crypto Space Commander (Alpha)

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