Farsite [Part2]

By LodiEzDa | BlockchainCryptoGames | 9 May 2021

Farsite [Part2]


Hi everybody! Last week I published an article about the game farsite.club, and the truth is that I find it very interesting as already mentioned in the previous article even if I have my doubts even about its specific future functioning.

This week I've been completing the airdrops and I got 42'000Sc. Yesterday was the first week since I registered and I started with the airdrops. Some I had completed (share on Facebook for example) I reopened and did it again.

Today I decided to make the video (it is the one that gives the most Sc da) and you will be able to see it through this link. It's a video explaining how to register. Thanks to this video, the airdrops that have been reopened and the people who are joining from my link now have 112'000Sc. With that amount (+100'000Sc) I have been given another Morgan Moon A-2 ship and another Phase Rail Weapon.



The more Sc has the more chance of getting into the top 100. In this Top 100, every day they give away boxes with rewards. I'm sure it's very difficult to get on this Top 100 list by seeing that the last one has 336'000Sc but good "giving up is not an option".

So far the second part of Farsite. What's new in this new game? You can comment on what you think I would really appreciate it.

I also leave you my link so that you too can start in this interesting game.


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It's very simple. Cheer up!  



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