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Hi everybody!  

How about summer? Where I live is not doing very good weather. It seems more autumn than summer, but as everything must get the good side, I am taking advantage and putting hours (many hours) to the PC and everything related to blockchain, defi, games etc.  

Yesterday the seventh of August was the IAO (Initial Ape Offering) of the CYT token in apeswap. For me this has been totally new, I had never invested in something (CYT token) that had not yet even come out and this caused me many doubts.  

As always happens in these cases (at least in mys) you watch YouTube videos you inform yourself read the Whitepaper etc. After a few hours I thren myself in and decided to get into the so-called IAO. For those who don't know what this is from the IAO it's simply a way to fund the game using small amounts of money from a lot of people and these people get blockchain assets in the game. In this case it was 12 hours that started yesterday at 16:00 UTC.  

In the image you can see how the IAO of Dragonary has been.


Today after having entered the IAO and betting an amount of BNB in my case I was able to test the game for the first time. In fact, it is still in development because many of the functions it has are not available. I have to say that the gameplay is good for my taste.  

A lot of people have had trouble downloading the game. This may be related to the generated cache so a good solution may be to use the control key while pressing F5 (ctrl + F5). This will clear the cache (the truth is that I did not know, but it can come in handy).  

On the other hand, I also have to say that I bought some pack of the ones that were there. Specifically two farming starter packs and a mining starter pack. As I always say I'm new to all this and I don't know if I've made a good choice, but seeing how these things are put on then I've been encouraged.


What do you think about Dragonary? Do you like how they're developing it? Do you see it as a future or do you just think it's just one more game?

I would love to know your opinions sure they are very valuable.  

Finally, I hope you liked this little article, I can do some more about Dragonary and as always mention that you can join this community called publish0x where you can start earning your first rewards simply by reading articles. 

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