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Hello friends of Publish0x! How are you?


It has been a long time since I wrote on this platform, although I continue to read it every day I can because I consider it a very good source of information. To get good information I think it is best to follow people who really contribute throughout this crypto world. I will give some examples of those that I think are worth following in Publish0x (PVMihalache,  The Part Time Economist, Cryptonator`s, MikeZillo...).

Today I wanted to show you what I have done to enter Binamon. As always I had to watch a lot of videos, read different reviews, read the whitepaper and think about it before I started investing in Binamon. After a few days thinking about it and meditating on it (mostly because it is not the only game I am involved in and I do not want to go over) I decided to enter and bet on this project.



The first thing I had to do was add the coins/tokens that Binamon uses in my Metamask account. In this particular game there are three, BMON-Z1, BMON and BNRG. It is advisable to take the contracts of these tokens in the BsCScan and add them to Metamask, anyway, I will leave them here for you to add directly if you want and you can compare them with those of BsCScan. These are also in the Binamon whitepaper in the Tokens & Smart Contracts section.  

Contract BMON-Z1: 0x80e15fe54e9d155f8366187a6a32bdef9c2366c4

Contract BMON: 0x08ba0619b1e7A582E0BCe5BBE9843322C954C340

Contract BNRG: 0xd8813B5Dfa9AbEB693F217Bb905ec99B66FB017C  



In Publish0x there are many people and there are always new people sure that some do not know how to add the tokens to Metamask. It is very simple, in Metamask we will have to add tokens, then copy the mentioned contract and paste it into the Metamask account. In my case I already have it added, but you will have to add it manually if you do not have it yet. In the image you will see where the add token button is located and where you have to put the contract in this case is that of the BNRG token. Putting the contract Metamask self-complete it.




To buy these two tokens I had to go to PackakeSwap to make the change. In my case I use BNB. To add the tokens in PanckakeSwap is very similar to what we have had to do before in Metamask. Copy the token contract and paste it into PanckakeSwap. In the image it looks like I added BMON-Z1.



To buy our first dragons and start playing we have to buy one of the packages they offer us on their official website I personally got two. Buy them at the beginning of the month for 800 BMON-Z1 + 200 BMON. On those dates the BMON was worth $0.33 and the BMON-Z1 $0.07. Now these packages are worth more (1400 BMON-Z1 + 350BMON) but the BMON is down a lot, now (2021/09/15 0:16 12) it is at $0.13. I'm still hopeful that it will go up because the game is so good.  



Once the packages are opened we will have to go to as the whitepaper says. The password on this page is necessary to be able to log in to the game. In we will have to put the NFT that we need or the one that interests us most in stake to be able to play the game. This process takes quite a while I'm not sure how much, but a few hours for sure. I also have to say that for putting in stake our dragons will charge us a small amount in BNB for the transaction. These amounts are very small, but always look well before putting it in stake.




To be able to play we will have to download the game from here. In the whitepaper he explains it very well, in my opinion it is best to read it. Once downloaded and installed we will run it. The login mentioned before will appear, this is where you have to paste the password. Yes! We are inside and we should already see the dragons that we have put in stake. Now let's play!!    

It is very simple are sequences of colors and you have to respect them to be able to kill spiders, wolves, bears etc... If the color is not correct, time is deducted in the bar above and you have an hour each day. That if an hour per dragon to make it clear. For example, if I use my dragon called BNB2, I will not be able to use it until tomorrow, but I can use others not used that day (in the case of having more than one dragon). I personally play with the fringes of the keyboard. You can play with the keys A W D S and with the mouse too, although for me the crosshead is better. I have not yet reached 20,000 points with any dragon and I know that there are people doing +30,000. I don't know how they do it!



Last and foremoste is how to claim winnings for playing. I think it has to take 15 days to claim your first reward (I'm not sure exactly how many days they are) but we will see a withdraw button as you can see in the next screenshot.  


There are more things that Binamon offers us but the post would be very long and I will leave it for a second part.  

What do you think of this new game? Will you also enter? Do you have any NFT of Binamon? I would like to read your opinions about this game and thus share the knowledge among everyone. I will be happy to answer the comments 😊.  

I hope you liked the article and if so I would be motivated by a like, follow even a small tip to motivate me and continue writing and publishing content on this great Publish0x platform. As always I will leave you the Publish0x link where you can read, write and earn. Seriously? Well, yes 👌    

Thank you all for reading and following me! 

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