5 Blockchain Games 2022

By LodiEzDa | BlockchainCryptoGames | 16 Jan 2022


⭐ My 5 Blockchain Games for 2022 ⭐


Hi everyone! Today I would like to share with you the 5 NFT games that I am involved and that I have hopes for this 2022. All of them have had a lot of ups and downs, but I think they are good projects, well supported and that could give a lot of joy this year.  



I will start this list with the best game (in my opinion) that the human being has created in history, if CHESS. DCHESS has come to be the first to put chess in the Blockchain. Here we can win the token $KING. This token will be achieved by winning games in DCHESS. Every day we will have the possibility to play 5 coffees that are 5 games. This project is still in the Alpha phase and that is why it has many options disabled but this 2022 they will be enabling them. For example, we now only have two game modes, Classic and Blitz.

   ✅ Classic = 10min matches

   ✅ Blitz =3 min matches  

In the first presale buy two boards, one of them with the intention of granting a scholarship to someone interested. If anyone is interested in leaving me a comment and I will contact them. (If there is more than one, I would have to make a small draw).  




The second project is Binamon. I have already talked a lot here at Publish0x about this game, but I have a lot of faith as they are doing things little by little and have very good future projects for Binamon.

It should be mentioned that Binamon has been hosted in the BSC since it began, but now they have decided to migrate it to the Blockchain called Tango. This blockchain is going to be specialized in Metaverses and one of the main objectives is to bring the Binamon game to a specific console for it.

In my opinion this can be brutal. As you know many I also have dragons to be able to scholarship people so you know if someone is interested can leave a comment.




Mobox is a classic within the BSC, I think it is one of the projects that is more established, more profitable and the safest to date. It is a great metaverse where you can buy the creatures of the game called Mobox and put them to work by obtaining the native token of the game MBOX.

They also offer us different games, three in particular (ChainZ Arena, Block Brawler and Token Master). Within each game we will have many "missions" to perform.  





Next Earth is basically the Google Maps made plots and put in the Blockchain giving a price to each of these. The truth is that the idea is very good and all the official and important buildings in the world are taken and are really selling for a lot of money. Recently they have moved from BSC to Polygon because at the moment the gas for transactions is cheaper in Polygon.

At the moment I have acquired some sectors all over the world and most of them I have put on sale. I have areas such as the beach of Game of Thrones, some street in Las Vegas, an area on the island that was recorded the Squid Game series and to finish some plot in San Sebastian "The most beautiful city in the world".





To finish with this list of NFT games play to earn I have chosen League Of Kingdoms. It's really my first days in this game and I won't be able to explain what it's all about, but with the little I've seen and played it seems like a game too. You can also take advantage of the fact that Binance is going to make a League Of Kingdoms Launchpad and you can get my first tokens called LOKA.

The sale price for those who want to buy LOKA will be $ 0.16 and will come out next Thursday, January 20. Here I show you a capture of my kingdom in League of Kingdoms.  


 To finish thank you very much for reading the post and I hope you all liked it.  

✅ Link Binance:  https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=QJ3JGP0L  

✅ Link Publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com?a=xkazmJ2ZeJ

✅ Link noise.cash: https://noise.cash/u/LodiEzDa


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