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[Explained] How to get started on Upland?

By VisionX | Blockchain365 | 25 Feb 2021


Blockchain technology makes things easier to run so many real-world applications. This genuine groundbreaking technology has opened the door for endless possibilities in the digital world. The simulated economies from the traditional games have the notorious downside as such games do not offer true ownership to the players over their assets because game creators are there to take control over the activities of players. Blockchain technology is the game changer to bring the revolution even in the gaming industry. Immutable records from a transparent ledger of blockchain ensure the true ownership of the assets for a player and the creation of a decentralized marketplace is possible by enabling blockchain to the gaming platforms. Additionally, blockchain allows the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that can be allocated to the unique accounts, and the NFT holders can be distinguished genuinely even on the public blockchain.

Recently, Upland Foundation has introduced EOS blockchain-powered Upland and its OPEN BETA allows you to:

  • Own, sell, trade, and collect the digital properties which are mapped to the real-world addresses with genuine ownership.
  • Utilize the rapidly advancing blockchain technology to reach a mass audience via blockchain-powered gamified experiences in a fun way.
  • Provide true ownership to players by adopting the "Open Market Economy" model.
  • Allow stakeholders to interact directly with each other in a decentralized market by creating a sound economy.

Technical background of Upland:
EOS.IO blockchain software-enabled Upland uses EOS mainnet. The virtual collectibles game allows players to have ownership of virtual real estate properties that are mapped to real-world addresses and to ensures transparency to everyone, ownership of the properties will be recorded on the blockchain that. The private key of EOS accounts of players will be encrypted on the client level and can only be decrypted by using the login credentials on the Upland account.

51c473e55e3d17f2f0d8c1989839e09ce0261842ef4c981cad775569c2079433.pngImage's source: Upland's whitepaper

EOS blockchain offers highly scalable transactions so enabling EOS mainnet to the Upland is helping to process so many activities on Upland very quickly without any delays. The smart contract of the upland has the features like Collecting UPX earnings, accepting or rejecting the offers, removing properties from the sales, minting new properties to grant ownership to the players, etc.

Check the Game Loop:

Image source: Upland's Whitepaper

Image's source: Upland's whitepaper

Upland introduces two tokens:

  • Fungible in-game token "UPX" on EOS blockchain
  • Non-Fungible Token(NFT) on EOS blockchain and the NFTs are being used to map the real-world addresses on Upland for the players.

How to get started on Upland?
Upland can be accessed on the web, Android, and iOS. This article attempts to guide how to play on the web version of Upland. (Note:-You can download the Upland app from PlayStore and AppStore)

Follow the steps with illustrative images one by one and eventually, you might say aH-Ha😁! So let's get started.

Step:-1: Go to and fill in the details: Username, Email address, and Password and hit on the "SIGN UP" option. Check your email (Inbox and Spam folder) and click on the verification link sent by Upland.


Step:-2: Set your "Explorer"("Explorer" or "block explorer" is your avatar on Upland). Once you get registered on Upland, you will become an "Uplander".


Step:-3: Collect daily Streak UPX bonus by visiting your profile daily.


Step:-4: Add UPX tokens to your profile by clicking on "GET UPX". UPX is needed to buy properties on Upland.


Step:-5: You can select the best suit package. Currently, you can purchase the UPX token by using the following payment methods:

  • Using card
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency(Supported currencies: BTC, ETH, UTK, DASH, and USDT) via Utrust.


Step:-6: As a visitor having less than 10K UPX, you have to renew your visa status otherwise your all digital properties and UPX on Upland will be lost. Click on your Explorer and renew the visa. You can also adjust your preferences according to your status in the game.


Step:-7:Select one of the available location in the window and hit the "Go" option. For example:-You can select San Francisco and check some guides.

Step:-8: Now you can see the map with your Explorer and other available options, check the screenshot below.


Step:-9: Are you ready to explore digital properties and move your explorer for buying, selling, and trading the properties? Alright, click on the "Pawn" icon located in the lower right corner. "Send" is the paper airplane and that is used to move your explorer to the minted properties that you select. You need either "Send" or "Visit fee" to transfer your explorer to the minted properties. Check the animated gif here if you still have no idea.
Click on minted property, you can see the things as shown in the figure. If you are interested to buy the property check if the property is still available for selling. Before buying the property, move your explorer by clicking on the "Send"(Pawn) icon. Check the details and click on "Confirm". Please remember, Upland offers 17% APY of the mint price.


Note:-The parcels are based on real-world addresses. Their color codes say the following things:

  • Gray: Unminted
  • Light blue: Already owned by someone
  • Dark blue: Owned by you
  • Dark green: Available for buying
  • Light green: Digital properties which are in the range of explorer

Step:-10: Click on three dots icon to access the following options:

Properties: This option exhibits your total properties.
Collections: If you have owned any property on Upland, you will be eligible for "Newbie collection". Select "Edit Collection" and then pick the property. Once you complete the collection process, you will receive a UPX reward.

Messages: You can check messages here.
Treasures: Treasure hunts give you a UPX reward, click on "?" for the help.
Leaders: It exhibits the list of leaders
Challenges: Keep checking the available challenges here.
Profile: From this option, you can check the details of your profile. You can edit your explorer any time you want. Click on the properties tab to see your all properties. Invite your friends by using the referral link to get the UPX bonus, you can find your special link there.
Store: The store contains different packages that you can purchase
Setting: You can access your profile, authentication, manual authentication, and other options in setting. You can verify your phone number from there. In case you have no phone number, send an email to [email protected]


Hope this guideline can help the novice players on Upland to get things correctly. If you are still facing a hard time being familiar with the platform, you can check the decent guide prepared by Upland with the animated gifs here.

Highly scalable next-level blockchain technology like EOS has helped to run real-world applications effectively and without being skeptical, blockchain-enabled Upland is the genuine example to bring the change in the case of Open Market Economy by allowing players to have control over their assets with the true ownerships based on the gamified experiences.

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