Top 5 Crypto Staking providers

Top 5 Crypto Staking providers

By Blockchain Times | BLOCKCHAIN WIRES | 23 May 2020

There is a famous quote that states

"Don't work for money , make money work for you"74e0635e4d9a6cdf03154f9a5b44884f06fb181e030ce1e1b7b81f8faa5a9ba5.jpeg

Staking just prove it right and works on the mechanim of proof-of-stake.

Proof-of-stake is the type of consensus alogrithim by which a blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus.In proof-of-stake a person can mine or validate blockchain transactions in accordance with how much coins he holds.In contrast to Proof-of-work where computational power of mining hardware validate the transactions Staking gives the best solution to avoid electrical consumption used by mining machines .

Here I am listing the top 5 staking providers of Crypto World.


  MyContainer is a staking and master node platform that enables crypto traders to hold their corn and profit from it .it supports about 18+coins it is currently giving the estimated yield of about 24% with phorecoin with a staking fee of 9% of yield


With 10% to 30% staking fee hashquarks has a very good reputation in staking industry it supports about 15 coins .

3.Binance Staking

Binance comes with no staking fee in the industry with 23 coins where holders can earn rewards by simply holding the coins in wallet.


BTCPOP a trusted staking platform backed 23 coins with the staking fee of 2%

5.Just Mining

Just Mining is a trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards it supports about 13 coins with a staking fee of about 5% to 15%



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