Social Platforms Where You Can Earn For Publishing Quality Content

By Ashma | Blockchain University | 6 Jul 2020

As we all know the social media is currently very centralised as well as under allegations of privacy breach and using users data without user's permissions. So as blockchain technology is creating more decentralised, transparent applications. There are few blockchain targeting social media to create user friendly platforms to reward their users instead of generating revenues for company itself. 

Following are few of these social media platforms where users can get rewarded for their contents.



STEAM is one of the oldest social blockchain rewarding user for there social activities like postings quality content, upvoting contents. There's are several platforms developed based on STEEM Blockchain. Few are listed down :

  • Steemit : Social blogging platform
  • eSteem : STEEM based mobile app
  • DTube   : Decentralised video platform

Official website         :

Rewarding Currency : STEEM

Total Paid  : $ 59,595,935

2) Publish0x


Well if we're talking about rewarding social platforms then Publish0x is definitely one of the unique platform. Publish0x comes with unique idea, as Publish0x rewards readers for tipping their favourite authors and tipping amount come from platform itself. And another thing which keeps users in power as reader choose the percentage of tipping to authors and keeps some percentage for themselves.

Rewarding Currency : DAI, BAT, LRP


3) is a platform where readers can sponsor their favourite authors by sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the author or one can simply contribute to platforms' official fund from where it'll be distributed to the author based on their popularity in platform and interactions between users.


Official website :

(This is my affiliate link to the platform)

Rewarding Currency : Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


These are the top three social media blockchains where users get rewarded, these are the well established platforms. There are still ongoing projects which are still in beta or in development stage. 


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