Bitcoin believer | Insist on two years, did not think I lost -(investors' perspective)

"There are people who can get three days' worth of food for just five yuan: inverted bottles of mushroom meat sauce, cut-price supermarket eggs Fried in a separate pan, a bag of dragon hair noodles for one yuan, and credit card points.

The team member, who works in a grade a office building near sports west, tianhe district, guangzhou, spends only 10 yuan a week on food and buys bitcoin with the money he saves. "

When you are in the industry that spends a lot of money, you have seen too many fierce players who earn millions and even get rich overnight. After that, you suddenly found the cryptographic player in douban "male matting association" group who is extremely "money-saving" and also wants to buy bitcoin. Would you have a fantasy feeling? Without the blessing of the get-rich-quick story, most of these determined bitcoin players are unknown.

In this column of leek flowers, we turn our attention to this low-key group. He is not a believer in bitcoin. He has seen too many lying "coin collectors" who do not speculate on COINS, but he has kept investing for nearly two years, "at least until the price of COINS rises to 20,000".

Of course, the coin collector is not a lawyer. He can be an old leek who is still disenchanted with the coin circle, or a fresh graduate, or even just a curious novice. They may be tired of the excitement and anxiety of a single currency, or they may have lost their principal, but they still have a fantasy about the cryptocurrency and choose to stick with it.

While you and I both know that "piling in in a bear market and selling out in a bull market" is a great way to invest, how many people actually do it? You may be able to see your shadow in these determined or stubborn cast players.

"My family doesn't know I'm betting on bitcoin."

Making money, and then making more money, has always been the real, simple wish of the players on the cryptocurrency exchange. Big bets and suha were once considered to be brave performances.

In a way, it's anti-human. It won't make you rich in a short time. It won't make you a household name. After nearly two years of steady casting, it seems that there is more to being a loyal player than laziness.

Every day on the first day, has been engaged in years of legal work "product currency" the first thing that came to office, not sorting files, but open trading platform APP, orders, transfer, screenshots, and then the data collection to a special Excel form, it has been more than a year of operation, has become a habit, if there are any emergency, missed to be cast surely, that he will remember this day, the in the mind is not steadfast.

From September 11, 2018 to March 26, 2020, 561 days, 91, to buy currency practice makes perfect "spiderman" product currency time spent on cast surely, only about 5 minutes every time, time in Monday's reason, is "to a company can enter the work state" not so fast, invested more than 50000 each year for he can bear.

In fact, in the cryptographic investment community, there is also a hidden disdain chain. For example, playing contracts look down on spot, playing spot also look down on the fixed investment, in the eyes of these brave players, from the wave cloud in the treacherous market to reap profits, rather than honestly fixed investment to stimulate much more, the earnings record is better.



& have spent In march and April of last year, ccoin man made a mistake of judgment and the cost of replenishment (purple) was higher than the original time cost (orange).

The order seems simple, but even if the "money man" set the order every Monday, he can not be 100 percent. In August and September 2018, he didn't buy the fixed investment because the price was too high. Later, he saved and invested 10,000 yuan on the same day. At the beginning, he also extended the fixed investment timeline to July 2. Strictly speaking, his operation is not 100% objective to reflect the results of every week.

In addition to the early fixes, there have been a few times when the "jichren" thought he was smart and ended up being fooled. For example, in March last year, he thought that the price of the currency would continue to fall, but the cost of making up for the investment was much higher than before. After thinking that making up for the purchase of long-term cost allocation was not much use, he did not change his plan at will from last April.

At the end of 2018, when bitcoin was falling sharply, his wife happened to see the description of "double eleven bitcoin at half price" in the circle of friends and expressed her curiosity. He tried to explain bitcoin before revealing his decision, but the other party was not interested.

Disastrous doubt life, to the Buddha system to cast

Speaking of the fixed casting, the "coin collector" is very grateful to a person, who is nicknamed "hands matchless" and started his career on babbitt, one of the earliest bitcoin forums in China.

Two months after entering the circle of "investigation", "hands inimate" started the journey of fixed investment on March 16, 2015. His plan was to invest 1,000 yuan worth of bitcoin every week, and he disclosed three bitcoin addresses. After two years, he all doubt about the currency, such as "COINS" ", "it seems the currency in 2016 do not have what hope", "no fun to", but to be cast surely has continued, in the end, after paying about 110000 cost 44.31 COINS, currency price highest, he yields almost 5000%, can be rated as the model of the cast surely succeed.






The deal was finally terminated in February 2017, when, according to him, withdrawals were banned on domestic exchanges. However, the COINS in his wallet address have not been transferred until now, and even increased in March this year.

"Hands matchless special" case now still let a person take delight in talking about, but also lead more people on the way to cast, which has a novice, also has experienced a thousand sails of the old leek.

And "savings coin man" did not give up the day job, give attention to both sides to decide to throw different, think of two years ago that resignation speculation currency absurd experience, has returned to the normal life of the wang tree (pseudonym) as if from another life. With most of the bull market into the investors, wang shu's coin ring opening is not surprising overnight wealth, decided to quit the IC0 project, follow the wind news disk, from more than 200,000 to tens of thousands of losses, the whole process only took a short two months, in his words, "like a dream."

Wang, who was a fan of the Martian, followed his live broadcasts and used to model his views, now thinks he is "too young". At the beginning of the bear market in 2018, wang was still very excited to see the continuous decline and dreamed of replicating the sudden wealth. But the money gained by luck is lost by strength. From march to May 2018, he went from a 250 yuan HSR to 30 yuan to cover his short positions, and added leverage while taking stock.

Three months after the death of the bear, finally at 23 yuan to close the position. Overnight, not only all the profits disappeared, but also lost tens of thousands of dollars. After reflection, he decided to no longer touch the lever, choose the safest way - the bet. Starting at the beginning of 2019, he left a few months later after reaping 32.6% in earnings, "boring."

Every two or three months, the man will withdraw bitcoin from the platform to the cold wallet. So far, the man has invested about 90,000 yuan in total and already has two bitcoins in his wallet. Based on the market price of bitcoin at 6,600 on March 25, the current total value is less than 90,000, with a yield of -1.17%. But that figure, 20 days ago, was 60 percent.



 Deposit money man's order record

See others of many times the income, "savings coin man" envy, admit their skills not good speculation currency need courage; The jiccoin man will also be frustrated by the loss of his assets, but this sense of imbalance has been able to adjust quickly. He remembers the darkest days of December 18th-january 19th-when he made a 43% bet and the cryptographic market was howling.

From the initial concern, practice to now sit firmly in taishan, "savings money man" spent nearly a year.

Return to zero mentality

Like many investment markets, the cryptocurrency market is long and short, and many people don't believe in bitcoin or participate in the cryptographic ecosystem, but that doesn't stop them from coming here to make money. In this volatile "casino", some people get rich and go bankrupt by opening and closing, while others try to share the cost of buying currency through time.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment? Overseas redditor "joe-m-4" spent more than two years on the first day of each year buying 100 in the top 10 currencies, for a total of 1,000, to conduct an encryption experiment, and ended up losing nearly 81% at the end of 2018, making 47.2% the following year, and 51% in February. From a miserable loss of half to a half, the performance of cryptocurrencies is really rain or shine.



"Joe-m-4" lost 81% of its 1,000 investment in its first year; 


"Coin collector" does not believe in the belief that bitcoin will replace legal currency in the future, but he admits that bitcoin is a good speculation target, as long as the capital does not give up speculation, bitcoin will not return to zero, the expectation of future earnings prompted him to persist until now, but also prepared for the worst - zero.

Because, the fixed cast is not sure to earn. Excluding those early accidental set foot in the currency circle of "passers by", just because of the casual purchase, inadvertently won a high yield of the lucky people, some people from the beginning of the year to the present, a month ago was complacent about the bottom of the success, with the recent price fall, back to the origin, even a lot of losses; There are also currency hoarders who believe in others' persuasion and blind faith, and have "joined the market" all the way from the peak of bitcoin two years ago, survived the bear market and finally left the market.

The cryptocurrency market has a set of operating rules, in the face of short-sighted speculators, it will automatically start the cleaning mode, bear market because there is no hope to cut losses, short-term rise in a hurry to put gains into the bag for safety, are not really a fixed investment. To some extent, unless bitcoin is a die-hard player, only a determined gamer with a zero mentality can survive here.


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