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God made us all different so no one person is the same. I understand this to mean that each person is passionate about different causes. For me, it could mean supporting religious freedom and for others it could mean standing up for sex trafficking victims. Since, sex trafficking is an important worldwide issue at the moment I would like to begin by telling you about "Run 2 Rescue".

Run 2 Rescue

Reach. Rescue. Restore.

Run 2 Rescue is a non-profit Christian organization who rescues sex trafficking victims. Their mission is to Reach, Rescue & hopefully Restore men and women whom have been victims of sex trafficking.


Run 2 Rescue works with the church as well as local, state and federal agencies to help identify victims of Human Trafficking. We will actively work to change laws to make it harder for the pimp/trafficker to sell another human being in the commercial sex industry. We will also work to change the laws to make it a felony for any person/john who purchases another human being.


Once a victim is identified we will do everything we can to protect them and provide a safe place for them recover and heal. Our home will be called the "Gateway of Hope". We welcome girls who have been trafficked as young as 11 years old and up to 27 years old. We are not designed to be a group home as we seek to place these victims with vetted families. We seek to be a place where these kids can feel safe and eventually be healed from the ravages of trafficking. It will be a place where beauty dwells. We dream it will be a place where girls can work with horses and animals, plant their own gardens and have things they can call their own. It will be a time where healing can begin and where they can learn how the Lord speaks tenderly to them. Hosea 2:14


The statistics are too low for most girls long-term success. Through much prayer and God’s vision, we realize this must be a lifelong process. We must be a place where they can come back for the holidays. When they turn 18, we will have a mentor program in place for them. We will have 4 mentors to one girl. Each mentor will be there in different areas to help transition them to be able to face life ahead and see their dreams come true. Our mentors will help them go to school, pick classes, apply for jobs, establish bank accounts and put budgets together helping where parents would normally help. We want to give our kids as many tools where they have every chance of succeeding.


**Note: Run 2 Rescue accepts bitcoin donations.**


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Save the Children

We Do Whatever It Takes To Save The Children, And you Can Help.

With a motto so passionate and straight forward Save the Children promotes their vision with 3 Reasons to say yes.

Reason #1 - You Share Save The Childrens' Values

You believe, as we do, that every child deserves a future. Every last child.

Reason #2 - You Can Trust Our Commitment To Children

The world’s first global charity for children, founded in 1919, we continue to lead the way.

Reason #3 - You Know You're Making A Difference

In 2018 alone, Save the Children reached more 134 million children in 120 countries, including the U.S.


**Note: Save the Children accepts bitcoin donations.**


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Songs of Love

The Medicine of Music.

Thanks to Songs of Love, to date 31,408 children have received a Song of Love.

The Songs of Love foundation is a national nonprofit charity that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical and emotional challenges. Each "song of love" is as unique as the children and teens they're produced for with lyrics containing the child name and references to all of his or her favorite activities, things, people and pets and are produced in any language relevant to the child.

As each child is unique, so is every “song of love” composition.

Additionally, each song catered to the child music style and taste (i.e. kids, pop, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, etc.) by independent singers/songwriters and by professional singers/songwriters. And each song is delivered pre-loaded USB 8GB drive, so it will always be available to child or teen whenever he or she needs it.

The “songs of love” have often been played to alleviate pain and trauma during painful and scary hospital treatments. The song recipients have played their “songs of love” in all kinds of situations and settings such as car trips to the hospital, show and tell at school, for family and friends in person or on the phone, and even for the doctors and nurses. The children have their “songs of love” always available to them whenever they are feeling down.


**Note: Songs of Love accepts bitcoin donations.**



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