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I came upon the Dragonchain Academy as a blockchain enthusiast and a community member of Dragonchain. I was not aware of this resource for quite some time, and I have not seen it advertised. The scope of what is offered is what initially interested me. A guided set of courses going from blockchain basics, navigating the Dragonchain ecosystem, all the way to deploying smart contracts onto a Hybrid Blockchain. My level of experience puts me at the higher end of the average citizen, but at the bottom end of the Blockchain Developer community.

The current focus areas:

Initial courses provide a brief but relevant history into the evolution of software and how use cases have grown over the years. There are some great statistics surrounding adoption of that technology that are certainly relevant to the current blockchain technology advances. There is a focus on behavioral incentives that can really be tied to any industry.

The section surrounding the Dragonchain Ecosystem was more expansive than I was expecting. This section alone is well worth the time as the layers included provide many uses for this technology in general. In addition, it is a thorough tour to the many individual projects within Dragonchain. The potential for any one of these areas seems plainly evident in their descriptions.

In the advanced courses, smart contracts become the center. Spanning from what do they do, how could they be used, all the way to this is how it could be deployed on the platform today. It can be intimidating to the average person to tackle subject matter like this but there are step by step guides provided to walk you through it.

Resources provided:

Throughout each course there are company produced videos to explain the basics of a topic. There is a “how to” video provided by a community member focusing on the setup of nodes within the ecosystem. Embedded into specific areas there are GitHub links to examples of code, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides. A reoccurring member of Dragonchain (Tommy I believe), also provides very targeted tutorials on navigating through the interface.

Incentive program:

There is an incentive program outlined that makes the potential for this academy to be something very special. The courses provided will be broken up in two levels. Free and Premium.

Passed free courses lead to a certification and a “Knowledge Score” that is added to their profile and saved onto blockchain.

This is where it gets exciting.

That saved score participates in an ERC-20 token mining program that produces a token called LEARN. The basic idea is the better the “Knowledge Score” the higher the percentage of LEARN is allocated to the user through the mining.   

There is a hierarchy of who receives the most LEARN based on DRGN holding, users with certifications, and Knowledge Scores.

What does this get you?

LEARN tokens can be used to access premium courses, incentivize course creators, and incentivize individuals to teach higher level courses. The token gives incentive to every level of the academy.


The academy in its current position has eight courses available for free. The tokenized incentive program is not currently in use or is not easily accessed. I believe that this resource is in its early stages and provides some useful courses for anyone. Some of the material is dated as some of the Dragonchain features mentioned have been since updated or taken new names. All in all, I learned a lot and feel that this is a benefit to anyone interested in Dragonchain and to the blockchain community. The features and content provided in this review are just a small portion of all the tools and content included in the courses.

I have worked in higher education for a large portion of my professional career including teaching undergraduate course work. I love the incentive program and the ecosystem it could create alone. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

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Blockchain Professor
Blockchain Professor

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