Four of a kind! Winning a hand in blockchainpoker.

If you are not playing blockchainpoker yet you should! You get 50 sat to start out and if you lose it you can just claim more! Sounds to good to be true? It is true but for a withdrawal you need 100k satoshi! Here is my referral link we see each other at the tables!  START PLAYING



I did it I flopped a set and the turn made me the nuts! Wow I just won 40 satoshi!


You can check out the hand here:




This chart does not look like BTC because it shows my satoshi balance, I simply got unlucky a few times...



New Balances:

BTC: 136 satoshi

BCH: 4326 satoshi

BSV: 1660 satoshi

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I am all about building passive income streams, I would also like to help others with doing so.

blockchain poker diary
blockchain poker diary

These are the tales of my journey through the tables of blockchain poker. I will be posting updates as I fight my way to 100k satoshi just with free roll tournaments. Feel free to register with my link to make me some sweet passive income. You can join the site for free so why not give it a try? This is me gambling, this is no investment advice just classic No Limit Holdem!

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