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Blockchain tech is today's most beautiful invention. The power of blockchain has come at a time when we need it most. One of the most important powers that be with blockchain is security and transparency. Most of you reading this of course already know this. I believe that it is our duty to spread the news of such. Sometimes I might even annoy my pals with my blockchain chatter! But this technology is creative and important and was designed to do a lot of good in this world!

For instance, THE ONLY WAY TO VOTE in every election, should be done with a blockchained voting system. In my research I have found articles that are for and against. If a blockchain voting system was made well, I can't see it being a bad thing. The idea of not being able to cheat the vote, having a real time count of the vote visible for all to see, could only be a good thing in my mind. of course this is up for debate, if you see it another way.

Here are a few links to articles and videos on the subject of a blockchain voting system.


A BlockChain Voting System by SAGAR SHAH- A full white-paper style report on a Blockchain Voting System, in full detail.

And this Tedtalk with Annika Jacobsen tells us how a personal experience during the 2016 presidential election inspired her to help build a blockchain based voting system.

With our up coming election here in the USA, it would be nice if the main stream voters and voting system haters, to know about the power of blockchain and what it can do for a safe and uncheatable voting system.

If there is a way to vote for a blockchain voting system, I would vote for that!

What do you think?
If you think a blockchain voting system would help, tell someone!

Thanks for reading!
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