Hey Buddy! Wanna Win Some HEX! You Can At WINPLAY.APP

By LeftHouse | BLOCKCHAIN LIFE | 3 Apr 2020

That’s right you heard it right, Mr. Richard Heart’s lovely crypto creation known as HEX is up for grabs over at and it is big!


What you need to know to enter for your chance to win a share of the 6,000,000 HEX tokens that HEX & WinPlay are giving away.

The contest started on March 28th, and last for another 7 days, 7 hours, some minutes, and some seconds. About a week left to jump in and win!

Go to WinPlay and if you have not signed up, do it! WinPlay offers great, super fun ways to learn and earn some of the best growing crypto coins in the market, and HEX is truly leading end crypto! Why in the world would you not jump in.

Once you have signed up to WinPlay, go to: , hit play, and get it going.


Once inside you will see different task to complete, games to play to win points to move yourself up the HEX/WinPlay leader board! There is even a daily lottery to play as well.

Most of the tasks are simple social networking task. Sharing, liking, and commenting on post. Reading articles, visiting websites, and playing games. It is much fun and you will learn a lot about the crypto you are looking to win!


In fact, this very article that you are reading is going to get me closer to my goal of winning as much HEX as I possibly can in this contest, as this article is one of the task to complete to win.

I have been a fan of WinPlay and have won some good crypto here. I strongly recommend it to you. Especially if you live the online life. And if you are interested in crypto, my guess is you live an online life. Hell, I know I do.

HEX is also a crypto you should know! It is designed to increase in value faster than anything else in history. If you have not done a deep dive into HEX, do it!

Now I must say that everyone in the world needs to do their own research. This is not at all by any means financial advice. I am just simply saying dont sleep!

Have the best day ever!

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