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Void Aims to Add the Missing Immersive Gameplay to Blockchain Gaming

VOID, a blockchain gaming project, is on a mission to deliver a rich, immersive AAA-grade virtual gaming experience with immense social and financial potential. It aims to achieve this by combining the best of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, blurring the lines between the digital “cryptoverse” and reality.

VOID recognizes the challenge new and skilled gamers face in monetizing in-game assets to channel them into sustained, regular earnings and fulfill their financial obligations. The game aims to fill this vacuum with its P2E model built on top of Solana — to leverage its high throughput and extraordinarily low gas fees.

This will enable equitable creation of value by leveraging tokenization to present every in-game weapon, armor, and treasure as non-fungible tokens that can be traded in the real world. The resultant is the creation of legitimate, real-time economic value for gamers beyond the confines of the gaming universe.

Moreover, VOID is carving out a unique niche for itself in the gaming world by not confining itself to a play-to-earn strategy for its players. The game believes that focusing solely on P2E undermines the essence of gameplay by laying emphasis on assets and collectibles over the game itself. Instead, it aims to foster the culture of playing and earning while nurturing a sustained and long-term interest in decentralized gaming in the gaming community through its meritocratic ecosystem. Meaning, although certain spells and in-game assets can be bought on the marketplace, they will have no impact on the character’s evolution or social position in the narrative. Thus, keeping the gameplay fair for all.

The creative director of VOID, Lianel mentioned, “While most existing games are a tradeoff between Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) experience, VOID aims to offer a seamless interaction between the two. It enables customization beyond just visual features of characters and adds a whole new world of the social layer in the game by correlating the character’s moral, emotional dimensions, and personality traits in its PvE and PvP experience.” 

For instance, if the gamer’s character helps others, the social status that the character occupies is glorified. Whereas, if the character engages in wrongful acts, they are deemed evil and their social status in the game is adjusted accordingly. This allows the gamer’s real-life persona to bleed into their character, hone their skills, and forge personal bonds with fellow gamers. 

All in all, VOID aims to bring forth a nebulous shift in the galaxy of blockchain gaming with its immersive gameplay enabled by a robust technological framework of Solana, and UE5. 

About VOID

Void Games comprises a team of game developers, software engineers, and product designers responsible for creating the VOID ecosystem. Coming together in this collaborative enterprise, they bring with themselves years of hands-on experience, both as creators and gamers.

Tapping into its vast knowledge pool, Void Games is devoted to actualizing a revolution in gaming. Ensuring a broad scope for customization is key to their mission, as it fosters greater community participation. Furthermore, true to the fundamentals of DeFi, the company strives to provide a multi-dimensional and self-sufficient game economy with fair and equitable distribution of value. VOID is a step towards fulfilling this mission, the beginning of a long journey. 







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Ivy Samboh
Ivy Samboh

Ivy Samboh is the descendant of a long line of entrepreneurs with business in multiple areas, from Fintech and real estates to mass-media and ICO investments.

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