The importance of bridging companies to web 3.0

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 14 Sep 2023

I want to be the bridge to the new generation

- Michael Jordan -

I am recently facing new challenges as Web3 dimension is running forwards but many Web2 companies are risking to be left behind.


I think that while Web3 keeps running we must keep an eye on how to make all these technologies available for traditional Web2 companies. Of course, not all of them will require Web3 techs immediately but many of them may find great advantages.

Anyway, I have to start making a distinction between the so-called Web3 and the traditional crypto-space.

Web3 represents and recalls a specific movement where user becomes a pro-sumer, integrated into the company’s ecosystem with incentives, loyalty programs, tech products and services and evolved/decentralized business models.
Anyway, we cannot forget from this evolution the relevance of “traditional” use-cases of cryptocurrencies like crypto-payments, blockchain application for supply chain traceability, NFT integration in the company’s promotions, and so on.

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Here in Italy I see that a bridge is still missing and I have to thank a couple of Italian entrepreneurs that in the last week I got in touch with that gave me a lot of examples of this scenario.

Bridging the gap

Is something that can be achieved with adequate education of the entrepreneurs to make them understand at first the eventual real utility of such technologies into their company and moreover, educate them on how to use them once implemented.

I personally got in touch with Web2.0 entrepreneurs or professionals that asked me for some crypto-applications for their companies and I was the one saying:

“hey, do your really need it or is it just an attempt to create something new so you can talk about it?”

Well, I have nothing against storytelling and corporate’s narration as they are pretty much a selling leverage BUT when some instruments can be expensive and can cause an increase in the difficulty of the processes for the company, well, I always think twice before selling something.

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What I have been trying to build in these years is some solidity and realistic aura around me.
I prefer saying “no” to some customers rather than getting money and then causing them troubles.

I sometimes ask myself

“who am I to say no to customer that wants something?”

Well, that’s another good perspective, but I try not to act with a dictator attitude, but simply making my potential customer thinking about repercussions and developments of what he/she is going to do.

That’s why, in this moment I really appreciate the “Bridging concept” that is entering the market with great interest by a lot of companies and luckily with lots of professionals taking part to it and contributing to feed it.

I think that the winning strategy is not a “sales-man approach” but rather a progressive approach, eventually bringing the Web2.0 company in the Web3.0 space with adequate checks.

I like the “investment perspective on such bridging companies”, meaning that their activity of Web2 Web3 bridging is an investment for the Web2 company and therefore this investment if not repaid soon should at least prove some features: innovation, marketing, new case-study proposal.

Besides, with the amount of incentives that in Italy are available for the adoption of IT solutions in the scenario of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, a great part of these investments can be easily recovered from the company as a tax relief

In Italy there are different companies growing with such company’s aim and in coming articles I may be glad to talk more about some of them.

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