From the Motorola 8700 to Dchat, the evolution of messaging.

From the Motorola 8700 to Dchat, the evolution of messaging.

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 16 Nov 2020

As many of us remember, a few years ago there were privacy issues with a known Chat; all this because the saving of messages and their transmission was not encrypted.

A jump into the past…

Do you remember the dear old Motorola 8700?

It was the first mobile phone capable of sending SMS (Short Message Service): a real godsend, you could communicate with people at the cost of a few dollar cents.

Gradually this possibility has also evolved thanks to the advent of the internet, to the point of having the ability to instantly send documents and images as well as text sentences.

All completely free of charge.

We could define the Chat as the workhorse of the internet!

If I say Crypto, don't you think of anything?

What could be the crypto "workhorse"?

No idea?...

I'll help you: payments!

With Crypto you can move large sums with really low transfer costs, and what's more, the money arrives directly to the recipient without any intermediary.

… But if we tried to merge Crypto with a Chat, what could happen?

Let's see

 Dchat, an Open Source Software, it can be implemented in the Wallet or Blockchain and uses its cryptographic address as an identifier.

The code of this Routine is based on a P2P storage network, GunDB and clearly uses its own Blockchain domain as an identifier.

This way you can send both messages and crypto with the exact same ease.

Isn't it extraordinary? At the moment, maybe not, but follow me, the best is yet to come!

Since this protocol can be implemented in any Wallet, using its own cryptographic address, the Chat becomes unique for all applications.

Obviously, applications must use this particular messaging protocol.

The same thing could be had with the inbox: unified and portable wherever your cryptographic address is.

Actually, instead of making a social network aware of our payments by creating a Stable Coin, we take back our Privacy, bringing our messages to the Wallet.

But that is not all

The system is decentralized and therefore no one can block a user's account and since the data is stored on a P2P (Peer-To-Peer) network, only the owner of the cryptographic address can view or delete them.

For this reason, a privacy violation could happen only and exclusively if an attacker obtains physical control of the terminal.

dChat is already active on the Chat “Unstoppable Chat” and in the coming months also MEW (MyEtherWallet) and imToken will launch their own app that uses the code.

Through encryption we have made the internet free to pay people, now with dChat we are free to send messages to whoever we want without being checked.

In this application, more than ever we find the Cypherpunk philosophy applied: private does not mean secret!

Blockchain Insights
Blockchain Insights

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