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By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 6 Aug 2022


We assisted at a local crypto pump mainly due to the rate increase from FED. Elon Mush created a massive sell after the news that Tesla sold 75% of its bitcoins. What if they sold, liquidating assets, creating panic into the market and they bought them back at a lower price? Who is ready to bet one beer on it?



I remain dumbfounded: are people really that dense?
Do they really not understand that this maneuver is to the detriment of BTC and all altcoins?
Including Dogecoin.



The overlap of traditional finance with crypto finance is inevitable.
Very good for mass-adoption, but in this case regulation is essential and it needs rigorous verification.



Santander banks is going to allow Brazilians to trade cryptocurrencies directly. May this be an anticipation of a inflation crisis for Brazil, after the huge volumes that Venezuela has been registering in cryptos into after the start of hyper-inflation there?


After VolksWagen with its attempt with IOTA, now it’s time for Mercedes with Polygon. I honestly prefer this solution, starting using second layers of the Ethereum blockchain. More stable and I would say "more reliable" than IOTA


Kudos to COO Bobby Ong: a time of market downturn does not mean CoinGecko is over!
They have increased staff, given awards to those who deserved them, and are trying to retain good employees.
Could a company that is implementing these maneuvers ever be at the end of the line?


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Blockchain Insights
Blockchain Insights

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