Coinmap - One map to rule them all

Coinmap - One map to rule them all

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 16 Sep 2021

What the majority of people think when they hear talking about “mass adoption”
Paypal accepting Bitcoin
Tesla accepting Bitcoin
Tesla rejecting Bitcoin because of its polluting power
Tesla accepting Bitcoin again
Facebook launching Libra
Facebook sued for trying to launch Libra

It’s just a mess. And you should not mess with big players. Furthermore, mass adoption represent a concept, a way of thinking.

All those events may help the spread of cryptocurrency use, but the real capillarity will be reached when more and more shops will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. And by saying “shops”, I precisely intend every kind of commercial activity, entrepreneurial activity and e-commerce. The real mass adoption will come only once all the people will be able to accept cryptos into their activity.

Why accepting cryptocurrencies may be such an innovation for merchants?

At first, it represent an innovation in terms of payment, accepting a new form of money.

Volatility of cryptocurrencies is not necessarily a fallback.

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment will reduce bank charges, especially when dealing with international and intercurrency businesses.
A few years ago I experienced a bank charge of 200$ for a wire transfer. Could you bet?

For some years, entrepreneurs accepting cryptos will be innovators and perceived as open-minded.

Cryptocurrencies can represent a store of value for the Company accepting them, creating a limited fund storage, that will be kept in cryptocurrencies.

Great Mike, you are telling very nice things.

BUT, where can we find such activities?

I know. I know. You cannot expect a comet guiding you to crypto-merchants like the myth is telling about the Three Kings on the 6th January of a bunch of years ago.

You know, having a comet for each crypto-merchant would make the sky very crowded and during the day I am not sure you would be able to see the comets.

Anyway, a map has been created to point customers’ attention to merchants that accepts cryptocurrency, both in the form of online payments AND Point of Sale.

You can find the map at


So, don’t you know where to go to have a good coffee in Milan? You should look for crypto accepting café, so you will be sure that during your coffee you will have the chance of a wise chat!

Did you know about this functionality?

Have you already spent some cryptos to purchase a service?

Let me know in the comments how it felt!


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