My friend just said NFT's and crypto gaming are stupid, what B★I★G F★A★C★T★S should I respond with?

My friend just said NFT's and crypto gaming are stupid, what B★I★G F★A★C★T★S should I respond with?

By elemin | Blockchain Gaming1 | 20 Apr 2021

So the big homie just dissed on NFT's, and you didn't have anything in response...Well, with this handy-dandy list, you're going to fucking wrekt the next time you go to get a bag of weed!  If you're like me, your friends can't take you seriously when you start preaching the gift of blockchain, and NFT's for gaming.  To them, they see something that can be duplicated easily, and that has no physical tangible value. Right now, the world is in the "Metallica vs. Napster" phase; where they think that the sector will turn upside down if blockchain propagates. 


We're at a moment in time where anyone can bootleg anything from Youtube via website converters, and yet hardly anyone bothers with it.  Why bootleg when you have instant access to it for a fair price and/or free, amirite?  These are the very same people who are buying bitcoin on the peaks, not really knowing what they're doing, and turning tail as soon as it tanks 15%.  If you can't handle her wild moon swings, you don't deserve her when she lands amongst the ★S≛T★A☆R≛S★! :P


Here's why NFT's are the future:

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT's) are unique, unlike Bitcoin, it is meant to be used as a collectible, as well as, a store of value.  A similar concept is your social security number: it's uniquely tagged to you, just like a serial number.  This makes them perfect for trading art, digital goods, game cards, proving digital identity, collecting concert/event tickets, and even buying real estate, DIGITALLY.
  • Remember compact music discs? Or what about DVD's, how's your collection coming along?  That's right, for the longest, everyone has fought against digital assets but the time is finally upon us.  Internet speeds can push video & tv shows through no problem, so few hassle with buying and collecting discs anymore.  Why worry with all of that, when everything can be accessed on any device very easily? (web, phone, appletv, roku, pandora, integrated network tv, etc)
  • NFT's can be traded independently of any second-hand marketplace, meaning it's yours forever, and absolutely no one can revoke your digital good.
  • Another way to look at NFT's are that they are like the paper money in your wallet.  In fact, the technology is trusted so absolutely, China has come forth with a digital Yuan.  This means, if you wanted to, you could very easily buy Yuan, without an intermediary.  Whether you like it or not, the tech is here to stay, and America is very close to having their own digital dollar as well.
  • Have you ever been scammed buying or selling a digital good, account, rare weapon, etc?  All it takes is one high-value transaction for you to have a majorly bitter taste in your mouth about it.  NFT's solve this problem of nearly always discouraged escrow by the developer/creator, and many developers of NFT's have agreed to allow multiverse transfer!  What does this mean? it means that fucking wicked legendary sword you worked 3 years for is yours, you can hoard it, sell it, use it in variously different games (ie use your sword in an RPG, a completely different card game, and let's say a candy crush style game as well!  The point being that if the game developers have agreed to it, you can bring it from GAME TO GAME! This creates additional value for the game player because numerous communities will be interested in that rare you have.)
  • Renting/loaning digital goods becomes a breeze.  Want to try out that super-duper rare item but aren't sure if it's just right for your setup?  Well, rent it for a drastically lower price before committing any of your hard-earned big bucks!
  • Remember when Maxis forced it's community to be internet-connected to play the fucking game?!! YEAH, PEOPLE WERE PISSED.  If this were to happen in the future, the blockchain game is forkable, meaning, you can branch off and at it's current state, start your own, independent game, and the community can easily join you.  This also solves the problem of game servers always eventually shutting down.  Now you can keep playing a Phantasy Quest-clone no matter what happens, and if the dev makes a poor, pay to win decision, the community can do their own thing!
  • NFT's and crypto are a type of investment holding, almost like a digital safe.  Just think of how much harder it is to steal something that requires 2-factor authentication, which is why your bank and nearly every other website mandate it.  The requirements are endless: ie only allow login/transactions/permission during certain times, days, true/false logic statements, only from certain locations, requiring a physical hardware key, a biometric scanner to read your pulse/temperature, one-time use codes, the list goes on and on.
  • How about profit sharing?  Yep, that's right.  NFT's can be issued to allow an indefinite profit percentage back to the creator, or the owner, per sale or trade, just like a stock dividend.
  • In the future, inheritances will be passed forth digitally.  How much cooler is it that you'll be able to share your digital baseball card collection with your grandkids, and yes, if you choose, they can see it anywhere, anytime, BECAUSE IT'S IN THE CLOUD!  That's cool!  Cryptocurrency is creating a new group of wealthy young people, because they see the value in it, too!
  • Ever seen someone burn $100?  Yeah it's completely idiotic, but when you got money and wanna stunt, why not?  With NFT's you can be antisocial and destroy the asset, thereby increasing the scarcity of the good!  If you have 10 of 25 created of a super rare item, why not destroy 3 to increase the value?  Like a boss, son.  Just wait until the rap community discovers and starts appreciating the NFT.  Balenciaga and CHRISTIAN DIOR NFT's, girl!!
  • If you would've put $100 in Bitcoin back in 2012, you would've seen an Annualized Return of over 176%, and that $100 would've grown to $949,313.66, nearly making you a millionaire.




Toodles Loves,




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