REIMAGINE 2020: The Worlds Largest Virtual Blockchain Conference!

REIMAGINE 2020: The Worlds Largest Virtual Blockchain Conference!

By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 16 May 2020

The Virtual Place To Be!


With Crypto being an extremely active industry & there being countless conferences & blockchain weeks all over the world, all throughout the year, it is very difficult to continue this in person during these strange times however REIMAGINE 2020 lets all those who love the fast-paced crypto life to keep up with the norm & to continue building, networking with the right people and all from the comfort of your own home! 


Making Connections That Matter!!



Engage With The Leading Experts From Various Industries!

You will have the opportunity to network & engage with professionals from but not limited to, blockchain experts, leading builders in crypto/blockchain, banking professionals, professionals from the gaming industry, students from all backgrounds and many more! 


Attend The Hottest Crypto Conference In 2020 Without Spending A Dime!

The Tickets are FREE!! Have you seen the price of any big event?? They do not come cheap which is fair for the spread however there will be multiple industry leaders all under one virtual roof come 18/05/2020 and you can be there with them for FREE!


REIMAGINE not only saves you money on travel, accommodation & other expenses you would normally spend but offers you a unique environment where you only engage with the things that are relevant to you by saving you countless hours of walking around, looking at different stands when attending a normal blockchain conference! You simply just match up with the relevant content on


You can stay updated with the line up by giving their twitter a follow - 



It could not be easier to attend such a big event than it is now with RI2020, Tickets are free & all you do is sign up with your email, complete the verification, complete your profile and boom you are ready to network!


All info you provide for the conference will go on your profile so people can see easily who you are looking to connect with, who you represent and your reasons for being at the conference. I think this will be more efficient than physically trying to find those that match your needs as some of these events are huge and have thousands of people walking around so the order and structure of RI2020 will allow for people to connect seamlessly and with the right people the first time around!


Cointelegraph recently covered RI2020 and I highly recommend you check it out,



They already have a giveaway running so sign up and take part!! You could win a share of $1000 worth of Crypto!

Be sure to use my link -

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