AlterVerse Disruption

By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 9 Jan 2020

AlterVerse: Disruption. 


After watching all the videos i could find and exploring the website for a month or so, i can truly say that i am highly excited for this game! Everything is fully customizable which is always a great feature, You will be able to play and make profit from that playtime considering Alterverse blockchain tech allows them to have an in-game marketplace and as all creations by the users has fiat value this will create a healthy ecosystem with the right amount of users, obviously the more the better! I do hope a cryptocurrency does become an option later on as that would be really cool. Numerous game modes will be available plus the option to become a trader or raider and if you're more into the designing side of gaming then you will also have a place to create and use them in-game or sell them at the marketplace for a profit so it definitely offers a home to all types of gamers!




This Sci-Fi open-world MMO has a rich background story based on one Dr. Ally Puckmere, a leading astrophysicist who worked out how to bridge between our reality and alternate reality, opening the gateway to the Alterverse! 


A billionaire Sidney Trawle learned of the discovery and funded the first spacecraft capable of entering. This lead to a Disrupter ship called the Magellan with a crew of 100. After entering the portal and finding their selves in a new solar system that they called Solone. They later found a planet to settle on called Aureus and this is where the first Sky City was built. After some years more disruptor ships start to turn up which started the exploration boom and colonizing local planets.


 The new Alterverse becomes fair game for the taking by all willing and eager explorers, We can expect a very detailed game for 7 years of development, they have partnered with Enjin Blockchain so we should see great things between these two. As Enjin is definitely a face in the blockchain gaming arena and a promising one at that! One of the most exciting things about Alterverse Disruption is that Disruption is actually the first of 17 games to be released into the Alterverse which for me blows my mind! 


The first time in gaming we are about to see a game world that hosts many games! I really hope they pull this off as i can see this being the first major leap into the Gaming industry and i really hope Blockchain makes its mark!


The Basics (sign up and Account) and how to play:


Sign up is easy as all it requires is Email and a name, you can add your BTC/ETH address to your profile and your profile can also be made private or public. It starts off that your bio and character name are the only info public which i think is very good! You can upload your own profile background and you get your own referral code plus can add friends also being able to join alliances too. 

All this will be beneficial once the game is released as with a game this big we will all need allies and some help here and there.


Alterverse boast Oculus rift and VR game engine while being able to buy the game very soon on steam!






Marketplace (Alterverse Market):


At the time of writing, they have 3 categories available.

We will start with their pre-sale(This has ended now):


  • Elite Lifetime Citizenship: The standard price is $100 however on pre sale its down to $30! This contains the following:


  • Access to all 17 Alterverse games for Life ($300 Value)
  •  200 Aces (In-game tokens)
  • Unique Citizen Number
  • Each Citizen is backed by 10 Enjin coin
  • Plus a Skin.




There are only 2000 of these Elite lifetime citizenship packages.


The first 1000 to buy will receive a free XR75 Blue angel which is backed by 5 Enjin and a ship i believe while there only being a 1000 of these blue angels ever to be minted, These can be resold and traded too.





  • Limited Edition Disruption Game Server: Standard price is $300 and pre sale price is $100. This includes the following:


  •  Multiplayer disrupter ship/Server
  • Elite Lifetime Citizenship
  • 1000 Aces
  • Unique Ship Number
  • Each Server is backed by 30 Enjin coin
  • 32 individually customizable sellable crew rooms!
  • Eight hull colour options/ Endless texture combos for interior design
  • 4 Game mode options to choose from/ Solo raids/Alliance Raids/Quests and Battle Royale
  • Fully equipped with AI defenders, ANDI's and Monsters.
  • Set your treasury amount,Fees,defenders and time limits! 
  • Can be run from windows pc by ethernet.


  • Only 2000 Limited edition disruption game servers will ever be minted!
  • The first 125 to buy will receive 6 free XR75 Green hornets backed by 20 Enjin each! Only 750 green hornets will ever be minted!




Crew rooms can be bid on at the market to so this is will be where users will get there first room on a disrupter ship. At time of writing there is only one crew room for sale and its bidding sits at $50 dollars.


They did have 6x XR75 Mavericks for sale which went up on 09/02/2019 but have now sold out! So the demand is definitely there for this game!



Game worlds and Servers:



In Alterverse Servers are called Disrupter ships and the Captain (owner of the server) Has a lot of potentials to make very nice returns and has full control over their server and how it looks. They will have Professional editors suite which will allow them to create an amazing game world! Content creation will be unreal in this game! The Disrupter ship its self can be customized in many different ways! The captain is the only one capable of changing what a crew room looks like regarding colour and texture combinations.



The server host has the option to offer out 4 different game modes in their world all in the setting of their choice or communities choice, they can also raid and gain alliances with other disrupter ships to take on the rest which will bring crazy gains but could end in misery too or they could set fees to their crew for their stay and keep on the ship while also being able to sell all 32 crew rooms at the market so they can basically pay for their server 32 times over!! Just a personal thought i will be buying a disrupter ship on the 28th of February as i really like the idea of owning an Alterverse server!


So the potential not only for the Captain but for the users and crew on that server are huge! If you could get a cohesive server that was solely based around trading and content creation/Quests you could create a nice little ecosystem on your server and amongst its users!



There are NPC's that you will come across on the disrupter ship and across the worlds, these will give you clues for quests and i would imagine being useful for other things but it's nice to see that there will be NPCs and they will all be interactable,



In-Game Ships:




  • XR75 Blue Angel (Fighter ship)
  • XR75 Maverick (Fighter ship) 
  • XR75 Green Hornet (Fighter ship)
  • Disrupter Ship (Server/Host ship)




I will say this that an XR75 Maverick Sold in auction for $148,200! That's crazy so once again shows you how popular this game is!



For now, this is all the information available regarding in-game ships.





In-Game Avatar and Gameplay:



Your in-game avatar is fully customizable from your cheeks to the scars on your body! From six different themes to choose, This for me gives the game a sense of uniqueness as everybody has the option to be different, Alterverse boast unlimited weapon customization and In-game content creation so you can expect this area to be endless!


You can pretty much do as you please, make friends build homes on habitable planets, hunt with them friends, take on quests or raid. You can even just play the game modes the host provides if you like. The options are endless buy a ship start a crew yourself and go round making money for yourself rebelling against the galactic Disrupter ships and their authority! 

Players will have an integrated ranking system and team creation selection too! If you are a crew member of a Disrupter you can ask the Captain to customize your crew room to how you like it and the colours you like as that room will be one of your main shelters until you sell it on. It will be interesting to see how the whole relationship between Captain and Crew plays out! They are always an interesting one!!


Alterverse boast robust combat systems and endless weapon types, Ranged and directional voice chat with the opportunity to play as you like! Build how you like! Fight how you like it! As it's all there for you!


If This seems like your type of game then get on steam and put this on your wishlist! Also, let me know if you do and i shall add you as a friend on there maybe we can build our own alliance...






I hope you enjoyed my write up and The potential The Alterverse has!

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