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My experience with My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is a blockchain game running on the Ethereum network. The gameplay seems very simple at first. It consists of battles that progress automatically. You have the choice of watching each move and its effects, or simply autocompleting the battle. You have no control over what happens during a battle. However, if you look a little deeper, you will find a pretty interesting battle engine.

You start out with three very basic "heroes" and no real extensions, which is the in-game term for equipment. As you complete PVE battles, the enemies drop extensions that you can equip. Both the heroes and the extensions come in two forms; original and replica. Original heroes and extensions are NFTs that can be traded in-game for GUM (in-game currency) or on Opensea for ETH. Both come in five rarity classes. Some of the Legendary items sell for very large amounts of ETH. Replica items are copies of heroes and/or extensions that can be used for seven days. After seven days, these items break and can no longer be used.

Original heroes and extensions level up as you play PVE events. With each level, come better stats and a higher likelihood that anyone will actually buy your items if you choose to sell them.

It is important to note that starting the game without an initial investment of ETH is very much possible, but it will take quite some time for you to become competitive.

The most interesting part of the game lies in the pre-battle strategy. Each hero has their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Teaming up the right heroes and equipping them with complementary extensions is the goal of every player. You will find yourself looking through a large number of extensions in the marketplace to find the perfect match. There are tons of combinations that you can experiment with. Once you feel like you have the perfect team and start getting some PVP wins, someone with a very unorthodox setup will bring you back to reality. I have had the most fun playing the colosseum battles. You fight other players to raise your score. Lose three times, and you are done. You can always go back for another round, but that will cost you in-game currency. I will not go into the differences between the various in-game currencies. You will get a better understanding of how they all work once you play the game.

Another great feature of MCH is the ability to upload and sell your own art. The purpose of this art is twofold. You can use it for cosmetic purposes, or you can use it strategically to boost your heroes' abilities. The colors of each piece of art are used to create a unique ability that you can add to your hero by assigning the art to them. It leads to some pretty funny looking and effective results. I always enjoy seeing other players' character art, especially ones that make no sense.

I will wrap this post up with a lukewarm recommendation. This game is definitely not for everyone. It can be fun messing around with different strategies, fighting other players, chasing NFTs to equip and/or sell. However, the premise of the game is never truly realized. The developer states that "Your time and passion will become assets." Which, while technically true, is far from going to make you any profits unless you sink some real money into the game and hope for rare drops. Personally, I like the game. I have it on my phone, and it is a nice time waster when I have some downtime.

If you decide to try the game for yourself, you can use the following referral code to get a replica hero: Xwqt

You can find the game here:

Also, make sure to join the MCH discord, as you will inevitably run into some issues and the community is a great resource:

For a detailed starting guide, you can refer to this article

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