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Dentavox is a market research platform based on blockchain, its mission is to explore your knowledge with rewards, that is, you for completing certain surveys on dental health, they improve the quality of products and services.

As I join dentavox:



with a Facebook account or civic app and something very important to be able to withdraw the profits, we have to link our civic accounts with dentavox and have the option to withdraw as many times as we want and the amounts that we must do depending on our earnings of the day.




How to make money on DentaVox:

We do not find a paid survey website, therefore to earn money we will have to fill out studies to receive a commission for it.

The web is in English and it is quite simple and intuitive, anyway if it costs you the best thing is to use Chrome and translate it into our language, in this tutorial I will put everything translated.

To start earning money we go to the menu and click on where it says PERFORM SURVEYS, clicking there will take us to the catalog of available surveys.


All the surveys are on the same topic, dental health, in each of the studies the estimated time of the same and the amount of Dentacoins (DCN) that we are going to achieve when completing it is marked with success.

The truth is that we have a large number of surveys, I do not know another place where we have so many opportunities. We will be selectable for all, that is, it is convenient to give answers as logical and close to the truth as we can, since in this type of webs we can always run the risk of being blocked for a while or permanently if we get too ready .

Although the Dentacoin is not a currency that has a great value, there are surveys that are very well paid, being able to reach the dollar paid in this currency.


Verify account:

To withdraw the earnings in DentaVox we will have to verify our identity, for this we will have to install the Civic application.

The application will allow us to verify our identity and also serves as a cryptocurrency wallet, although this does not mean that we have to withdraw our profits there, any ERC20 wallet is worth it.

When downloading it, we enter our DentaVox account, scan the QR code and place all the data that is requested in the App itself.

We upload the relevant document and wait for the validation of our account, usually it takes a few hours, but if it takes a little longer, do not take it personally, it may be due to the large number of verifications they have to do.


How I exchange my coins that I earn in dentacoin:

One highly recommended Exchange is Hotbit where you can change for USDT then to reduce the commissions, change for LTC or TRX once this is done you can send it to your portfolio that you want and it seems better to you.



 link HOTBIT

link Dentacoin


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