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Blockchain Fest 2021 in Limassol, Cyprus

Blockchain Fest 2021 Delivers Ambitious Setting for Modern Fintech Networking and Trade

By Laura M | Blockchain Fest | 12 Feb 2021

If a year of bearing with the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to connect and transact business online is vitally important in today’s world. During the early stage of policies attempting to limit the spread of the often-deadly virus, many businesses were shuttered and many others opened with no customers at the door, but then came social media and video conferencing technology with solutions for keeping people and businesses connected. 

The increased reliance on virtual media for connections has also been a patent reminder that such technology can cross national boundaries with relative ease. Cryptocurrencies have long touted such border-crossing technology as a way to sustain financial transactions worldwide, secured by blockchain that involves multiple operators in the transactions. 

FINEXPO’s annual Blockchain Fest 2021 will gather blockchain and crypto enthusiasts for two days of education on the latest movements in the industry and a glimpse into possible futures with the help of expert market professionals. 

The event ambitiously aims to open to in-person gatherings June 11 and 12, moved from its original May dates, in one of the world’s modern financial IT hubs straddling Asia’s and Europe’s political-economic boundaries. Tickets limited to 1,000 attendees are still available at discounted rates through the end of January and can be purchased on the event’s website

The gathering will take place at Limassol, Cyprus’ luxury Parklane Hotel and Spa. The resort is situated on 10 hectares (24.7 acres) of luxuriantly green beachfront property renowned for ancient multicultural influences. The Mediterranean island nation also occupies a regionally convenient location near Africa, which is increasingly becoming a hotbed of blockchain and cryptocurrency activity as the Saharan continent’s citizens look for ways to expand their economies to the global stage. 

Over 10,000 additional ticket spots are available to online-only viewers who join in the event via FINEXPO’s virtual platform.

The activities will allow newcomers to blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptoexchanges, decentralized finance (DeFi), mining, payment systems and investment to rub shoulders with top professionals and global leaders. 

  • What: Blockchain Fest 2021

  • Where: Limassol, Cyprus, luxury Parklane Hotel and Spa, with in-person gathering planned and live-stream alternative available

  • When: June 11-12, 2021

  • Cyprus’ luxurious Mediterranean island setting is conveniently regional to Northern African nations, where blockchain and fintech are becoming increasingly popular as global alternatives to local economic stagnation

For further information about this B2B extravaganza on blockchain and artificial intelligence innovations, visit the event’s website at


Contact Blockchain Fest at:

[email protected] Laura Mirnaya

PR written by NetworkNewsWire

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Blockchain Fest
Blockchain Fest

Blockchain Fest will take place in June 2021 in Cyprus and will cover the widest range of most viral topics in the industry, so that experts from all over the world get the opportunity to not only share their knowledge and experience but to discover even more in the process. Two-day B2B event will be hosted in Limassol to welcome 1,000 visitors on spot as well as over 10,000 online users to network, build connections, share the experiences and dive deeper into blockchain innovations

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