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Exploring Upland FSA Sandbox Party

By Nmount911 | Blockchain_Explorer | 16 Feb 2021

6b59ea17054ca6484b11e731d24d0444824f9bb826366ca91ec2f63a1777c350.png Intro to Upland

If you haven't already heard of the new virtual property game Upland I highly suggest you check it out. In Upland you buy/sell/trade and earn income on virtual properties based on Real world addresses! Although there is no actual correlation between the virtual properties and the real ones, the addresses do mirror the real life locations. The upland economy itself is backed by UPX which you earn from just holding properties or selling properties for a profit. There are also multiple collections of properties which if you complete will award you a UPX bonus as well as an increased UPX earning rate. 

15940e4dae03b6a376cd09ce49b3371d58320d4dc364f752e06bb02b9e5d2373.pngSandbox party


This past week I was able to participate in a fun Upland event called the FSA Sandbox Party, which was designed to encourage players of Uplander status(10,000-100,000 UPX net worth) to participate and learn about the building aspects of the game. During this event, players of Uplander status received 4 spud and pro and above received 1.5. While only the lower Uplander status players could participate in the competition, other players were able to help by building various structures to give point multipliers on surrounding buildings. 

How to win

Your objective is to strategically place your buildings near point multipliers to earn the most points. These multipliers however can only be built by Pro and above so communication with other players is necessary to get a high score. You can "stake" your 4 spud to build however you'd like and the more spud used the faster the structure is built. Each building however has a minimum staking amount and your limited to the event time of 4 hours. You can choose to stake all your spud on a single building or spread them out and build 2 or 3 smaller ones. You can also speed up the building by spending UPX with 100upx = 1 spud hour.


My observations

Since this was my first event on Upland I wasn't really sure of all the mechanics involved with building on my property or how the "spud" aspect worked. I enjoyed that they made it an even playing field by giving everyone the same amount of spud so it really all came down to communicating with other players and building near the bonuses. As you can see the top players had multiple apartment buildings next to bonus structures given them a 2x point boost! 


Overall I plan to continue to add more properties over time, mostly by buying and selling properties for a modest gain. But with upland releasing NFT'S and a rapid growing user base,  I see Upland becoming one of my favorite blockchain based games! 

If your just checking out upland and are planning on signing up feel free to use my referall link for an immediate 3000 UPX bonus as well as a 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase! 

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase

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