Using the Bounty Hunter's Crypto Wallet to Stop Asking "When Token?"

After spending some time with the $DROP project's autonomous crypto trading bot -- Dex -- I decided to try out Max, their free wallet and monitoring service.

Grab an account, enter an address to monitor, and Max will send you immediate Telegram notifications when funds enter or leave monitored accounts. 

Although it's something the team is working to implement, Max isn't yet a catch-all for ERC20 tokens coming into your ETH wallet. Coins and tokens must be available on CMC so Max can track their price movements.

During testing, I asked about listing $BNTY tokens within the service (about 75 cryptos are currently trackable) because the team had yet to add it.

Within a few hours, the team got back to me and Max now tracks $BNTY tokens. Nice!

So, if anyone reading this wants to try for Hydro or any other CMC-listed projects, reach out to the Dropil team and ask for an addition. You have nothing to lose and the team is very responsive. Twitter DMs are good!

Keeping Tabs

Max also excels at portfolio management. The layouts are gorgeous:


Max isn't a perfect crypto wallet -- none exist.

But Max is super-easy and very intuitive. Dropil's mission is to simplify cryptocurrencies and their products exemplify that narrative.

Accounts are free. Give Max a try and I think you'll be impressed with what the Dropil team came up with!

Peace and love to all the cryptonauts here today!

~ BlockchainAuthor



This post's information is for educational purposes only and not to be mistaken for financial advice. Always do your own research when considering involvement with blockchain projects. Seek the help of a professional if financial decisions become difficult for you to make. Did you make it this far into the disclaimer? Congratulations, you're in the top 1% :-)

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