Reminiscing About the Roller Rink

Reminiscing About the Roller Rink

I Miss Riding on 8 Wheels

Back in 7th and 8th grade, the local roller rink — our major spot was dubbed Aquarius — was the place to be. Girls with feathered hair flirted with guys trying to impress in whitewashed denim jackets.

The music was always loud, and you could count on select time slots devoted to the slow ‘couples’ song, going backward, and dark, erratic lighting featuring lasers and sometimes a reflective disco ball.

Most are closed due to current events, but even when things were normal, roller rinks are rare locations.

And when it’s your FIRST time skating in the rink, everybody else better just watch the hell out because you’re death on wheels…

Who Needs Brakes?

Let’s all pity the poor, unfortunate soul who’s on a skate date but has 0 skating ability. Hey, 'A' for effort, right?! 


Desperately trying to hold Alice’s hand, Bob faceplants into the side rail, dragging Alice down with him.

It seems as though beginners have a couple of preferred methods for stopping:

  • Slam into the wall at full speed — using the knees, forearms, and face to halt forward progress
  • Plow into anyone unfortunate enough to be skating within a 10-foot radius

Maybe you were that out-of-control maniac. Or perhaps you witnessed someone unintentionally sweep the leg like they were attacking the Karate Kid.


So, what’s all this skating business doing in a ‘technical’ blog? Childhood memories, my friend.

Retro ’90s Throwback

If your schoolyard memories involve the game POGS, and you like mobile gaming, KOGS may take you back. Times were much simpler during the POGS craze — nobody even had a phone to check every 7 minutes.


It’s kinda like POGS, but on a mobile blockchain

Now Live: Gameplay Trailer for the World’s First All-blockchain Mobile Game

While an all-blockchain game is undoubtedly impressive, KOGS helps some of us relive the fun of yesteryear. I consider the game a must-try for anyone who remembers playing — or even still has a collection of — Pogs and slammers.

Video games have the magical ability to transport us to immersive destinations. And when a game evokes distant yet enjoyable memories, all the better.

Are You Ready to Play?

What games are you playing while stuck indoors?
Are you excited for KOGS?
Do you still ride on skates?
Do you skate and game at the same time?
Are you gaming more lately, or have you tried making it to the very end of Netflix?
Share your gaming preferences and 8-wheel stories in the comments below!

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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

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