Getting to Know a Kindhearted Crypto OG
Getting to Know a Kindhearted Crypto OG

If you don’t know Robert, you’re missing out on blockchain love

My foray into the world of blockchain and digital assets began in late 2017. After watching a webinar starring the infamous James Altucher, and learning how anyone could stash untold millions on a Ledger S, I was hooked!

Back then, you could draw ticker symbols out of a hat to make winning trades. Anything you chose would probably shoot up 10% that same day or maybe the next.

Looking back, it was all smoke and mirrors. Most projects were — and still are — nothing but vaporware designed to siphon investor funds. But as a newcomer, that realization was challenging to identify.

Wanting to learn more about disruptive organizations and their moon-tokens, I took to YouTube in search of information. And, as you probably know already, crypto influencers run the gamut from genuine to scammy.

And during those initial few months, I watched loads of videos. Whether it was from ‘Crypto Soandso’ or ‘Blockchain Whatshisface,’ I consumed tons of content.

All of the viewing and notetaking pointed to the fact that there are essentially 2 types of promoters — those out for themselves, and those out for everyone else.

Here’s the mindset of disingenuous crypto YouTubers — maybe you’ve seen their videos for yourself:

Here’s a coin that I skimmed info on and then bought into. Why do I even like it? I’m not really sure, other than its potential to 10x. I should totally make a video about it. If enough people buy in, I can turn a profit by dumping it right on their heads.

On the other side of the token are the selfless souls who strive towards pushing the entire blockchain industry forward. They realize that the movement is more significant than any single project.

In other words, they don’t partake in bouts of “our project rules and all others suck eggs” tribalism.

Today I’m going to highlight why I follow particular individuals in the blockchain arena. Those that ignore the hype and call things as they see them.

Now, even though this blog post isn’t about him, I’d be remiss for not mentioning another straight-shooting blockchain veteran — Bitcoin Benny. The best place to find him is on Twitter. Or, you can reach out via LinkedIn from the RedFOX Labs contact page.

But enough about Ben, let’s get this article back on topic.

Introducing Crypto Beadles

Unlike most of us here, Robert found success before discovering blockchain. I didn’t feel the need to dive deep into personal history, but he’s transparent about his past.


Starting at the bottom, Robert worked his way up to the top of the construction industry — which is much bigger than crypto and blockchain combined.

For the latest crypto news and blockchain interviews, visit the Crypto Beadles blog.

When he’s not traveling the globe — more on that later — Robert operates from his home base in the Bahamas.

Free Project Promotion

This topic is what makes Crypto Beadles such a powerful force on the blockchain. But let's rewind just a bit.

Several years into his crypto adventure, Robert decided to launch a project of his own. Robert is President of the Monarch project, with its native cryptocurrency, MT, currently trading on IDEX and LATOKEN.


The Monarch App aims to be a one-stop-shop for everything blockchain. There are fiat and credit card gateways, plus the app holds all ERC20 tokens and many other top-ranked digital assets.

Get your free Monarch Wallet right here.

Now, there’s an interesting element within Robert’s business practices. The Crypto Beadles YouTube channel has nearly 90,000 subscribers.

But rather than providing that massive audience with exclusive Monarch content, the channel is open to all blockchain projects. Crypto Beadles conducts regular interviews with high-profile blockchain experts.

All of this is free. There’s no charge for project heads to sit down with Robert — sometimes for an hour or more — and discuss what makes their venture stand out in the space. And, he often travels to events to meet others, rather than having them come to him.

By offering a free soundingboard, Robert helps drive blockchain and crypto adoption. Not only that, but viewers are often treated to cash giveaways — often to the tune of $100 BCH. Tune in every Monday for your chance to win.

In fact, there’s a video going live today in which 19 lucky winners get to claim a prize:

Needless to say, Crypto Beadles is one generous guy! Notice how winners’ funds aren’t dispersed in MT. Instead, winning contestants receive $BCH, which, at least for now, is much easier to swap throughout the cryptosphere.

IOST Block-Producing Node

Ultra-fast blockchain network IOST has one of the highest staking rewards in the industry. But to receive the bonus, you must put your funds to work by voting for nodes.


The easiest and safest place — because you own the private keys — is through the TokenPocket app.

After depositing IOST, visit the ‘Assets’ tab and tap the ‘Vote’ icon. You’ll see loads of candidates to vote for. Look carefully, and you’ll find Crypto Beadles. Withdraw your delegated funds at any time and without penalty.

Producing blocks for another project’s chain demonstrates Robert’s passion for the industry, as well as a deep commitment to cooperation.

Wrapping Up

After weeks of evaluating the style of different crypto promoters, I only found a handful to be genuine and forthright. And a healthy dose of transparency is just what the space needs right now.

All the scams and fake trade volumes on dishonest exchanges merely divert attention from legitimate projects trying to make the world a fairer place. After all, bitcoin sprang from a desire to circumvent the financial industry’s shady intermediaries.

In summation, there are only a few blockchain YouTubers I pay attention to. Of course, you should always form your own opinion. But in mine, I trust and value the content made possible by Crypto Beadles. Check him out!

As Robert will tell you himself, he’s not the only one out there working to give financial empowerment back to the ordinary citizen. Who are some of your favorite crypto influencers? 

Shill me your picks in the comments section below!

Peace & love,



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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI
Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

The blockchain uprising has only begun. Some of us are here because we know that emerging tech is poised to disrupt modern society for the better. I love tech, and sometimes the feeling is mutual.

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