Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and smart working: how to mitigate economical risks

A large number of countries world wide are currently dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. The international community stands ready to provide to support all countries to prepare for and respond to this emergency. WHO and local healthcare authorities are increasing focus on possible measures to prevent the spread of this outbreak. Basically can be can be summarized in 2 key areas of intervention:

  1. personal protective measures 
  2. “Quarantine” for all persons who are in or have recently visited (past 14 days) areas where COVID-19 is spreading

We can reasonably agree on the fact that those two are most efficient weapons available at the moment, to fight against the enemy while all we are waiting for a vaccine (in this hours American biotech “Moderna” has announced a New COVID-19 Vaccine for Human Trials). Nevertheless I firmly believe on the fact that reducing contagiousness environment could help in resolving this emergencies and I’d like to introduce my personal experience and consideration on smart working opportunity.

What really means Smart Working?

Smart work offers a relatively new way to perform a daily job leveraging on 4 main pillars:


Smart office is the starting point: job space or offices can be reshaped ensuring great collaboration but also concentration. For instance, a luxurious airport lounge during an off-site assignment can works or a simple bedroom when children are at home because schools are closed. Co-working spaces are increasing as well in urban environments

Technology is mandatory: a smartphone and mobile business applications for instance is the perfect combination to guarantee productivity everywhere and every time. Cloud computing and virtual desktop infrastructure could help to manage data and provide backup for information needed on daily basis.

Leadership and flexibility are frequently the most critical aspects for a smart working effective introduction: removing completely working hours and working place is the optimal pick even if often not applicable. Leaders need to empower their peers and start to delegate activities building a strong collaborative environment.

On June 2014 in UK the possibility to request for smart working has been extended to all type of jobs. Looking at the statistical data the trend is still up in main European countries. In the current scenarios where most of different activities are suffering for the containment actions set to prevent virus proliferation, the risk is to stop industrial productivity of small and medium companies with consequent huge impact on economic grow and stability. The use of smart working in current scenario can help to mitigate such risk and here some examples:

- telepresence can be use to meet Customer and clarify for instance a contract’s terms and condition

-technical briefings can be performed via teleconference projecting technical papers and leveraging on business collaboration tools (e.x. Skype Business and may others)

- even complex remote diagnostic and equipment tuning can be completed using digital tools and platform

I encourage all people impacted from this international emergency to embrace Smart working philosophy and continue to perform their daily job.  In that mannar most of activities will not stop at all and the entire community can focus energies only against one enemy without jeopardizing economic actual status of several countries. Be positive and share your comments down below.




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