RELX Coin ... Looks like RELX has finally acted

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 16 Aug 2021

In a series of prior posts, I followed an airdrop that really bothered me, as they had co-opted the name of an international company, did a bounty that was extremely poorly executed, and no one seemed to do anything to stop it.

I can now report that the web site of the failed effort,, now redirects to the company whose name was coopted, RELX.

According to, the value of the bogus token fell from its high in the $3,50 US range to .01 US. The slide started the end of May, and hit a penny earlier this month. While I think that is still vastly overpriced, it means there is a market cap of $99,933, and those who foisted this travesty on the market are not holding millions of $ for nothing. There is still some movement on the token ( but RELX has the web site, and no one has gotten rich, I hope.

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