Final AutoFaucet/AutoClaim - Ain't Got Time for That?

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 13 Aug 2022

Of all the faucet sites there are out there, DutchyCorp is one of them.


  • So many coins!
  • So many options!
  • Clean, active and supported chat.

Although I was using faucets back in the early BTC days, I had stopped using them for many reasons. A simple desire to obtain a few DOGE using time and not money led to my looking for faucet sites again. Those that were legit generally only paid a mere drip of a portion of a coin/token. A few (Cointiply (C), FaucetGamers (FC)) made getting to a reasonable (see "beer money") payout, but had few choices for the coins, generally Bitcoin and Litecoin (C, FG), and then Dash (C), Doge (C, FG), ADA, ALGO and Ethereum (FG).

 But what drove me initially was the silly desire to hold a couple of the silly sentiment coins, like Doge and later Shiba. I cannot justify in mind putting real money into them, but clicking on the computer mindlessly while watching 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown seemed fine. And that led to DutchyCorp.

You do the same types of tasks you might on another "pay to do tasks" site, including surveys and pay to click ads; in fact, many of the same survey providers you will find on Cointiply and FaucetGamers (so watch out for doing the same survey twice across platforms - you might get charged back). DutchyCorp had many more small tasks.

But unlike a handful of coins to withdraw, you have your choice of almost 70 different coins and tokens on Dutchy! Amazing.

So many coins! And so many ways to earn to be able to receive them.


  • You've earned it; now work toward receiving it
  • So much malware and alerts

So when you do tasks, you are earning the internal site token, the Dutchy. While you would not withdraw the Dutchy, you get the Dutchy's current value for the currencies you choose to earn.

The good news it that there are lots of ways to get those coins. You can have the coins go to a microwallet called Faucetpay takes care of the bookkeeping for a ton of faucet sites, and then lets you withdraw to your own wallet or exchange once minimum balances are hit, for a fee. Or you can keep the amounts on your internal account, and withdraw them when different minimums are reached.

The bad news, in my case ... and any guidance on what I am doing wrong is GRATEFULLY received ... is that the process of converting Dutchy into coins and tokens is interminable.

As an example: I do a few surveys, and have $3.00 worth of Dutchy on account. The primary way for that $3 to turn into my selected coins is with the Autoclaim. You select your coins, fill out a capcha, and tell the system to turn the Dutchy into your coins. You let the computer sit and it drip-drip-drips the Dutchy into your coins. Now if you are already letting Hideout and Loot tv sit on your screen, perhaps another window with the Autoclaim going doesn't bother you. but if I had done those same surveys on Cointiply or FaucetGamers, I'd be ready to withdraw. Instead, I have to go through this convoluted process, monitor my coin balances, manually trigger the withdraw. So frustrating. On Cointiply, I had my Doge and on FaucetGamers I had my ADA so quickly. Waiting to get to the minimum 37,000 Shiba is taking forever.

And I might be happier letting it AutoClaim in the background if my antimalware software wasn't giving me an alarm every two minutes. Doing anything on Dutchy will mean clicking through popups, overlays and capchas. It is just so inconvenient and borderline dangerous to the computer.

Please comment below and let me know what I am doing wrong or if Dutchy just operates on a completely different philosophy than sites like Cointiply or FaucetGamers. Thanks for your help!

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