Bitcoin getting closer to a new decision - Crypto retirement fund now available in US

This morning I saw another smaller trend, Bitcoin is bouncing between a small wedge I draw on the chart in dark blue as you can see below


In about 3 or 4 hours we should know which direction we are going next. If we were to go up, I would expect to touch the bottom yellow line.

If we are going down, I'm expecting to hit the amber line hard and potentially breach the support and dump further.

This weekend will be very interesting, based on my previous trend I'm expecting something decisive by Monday the 15th. I'm keeping my eyes on the charts, waiting for the next move.


In other news

Fancy a US crypto retirement fund? Bitcoin IRA is available in US and allow its customers to contribute monthly and invest in crypto currencies starting with as little as $100 and keep their investment safe in their custodial offline wallets.

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