Bitcoin bear trap? Keep an eye at this level - Buy crypto easily with Ziglu

Bitcoin bear trap? Keep an eye at this level - Buy crypto easily with Ziglu

Yesterday we discussed the possibility of a dump at the green line and potentially touch the amber line today where the big vertical red line was.

I couldn't make this up. Look exactly at what happened! 


So where we are at now? Although we went as down as $8900, it looks like Bitcoin bounced back up at the amber line quite hard, suggesting it's a hard level to break.


There is also another interesting thing i noticed but to show it to you i need to switch to a 5 minutes chart below

As you can see, the green line is now acting as support, which is very interesting. 


This detail makes me think Bitcoin may be headed back up again, although we have to stay above the green line and, ideally soon, go back over the yellow line above us. If that's not the case we may see some nasty dump again below the amber line.

Overall, the market is in red but Bitcoin is now slightly above to where it was 24 hours ago. Also, dominance is at 65.56% which is good.



In other news

You want to buy Crypto and have a UK bank account? Say goodbye to unfair margins and high commissions on every trade. Get a real market price with only a small fee. Mark Hipperson co-founder of Starling, one of the best challenger banks in UK, is the mastermind behind Ziglu.

I’ve been buying crypto for a long time and I can tell you I’ve never seen such low fees, I know I will be using this service a lot going forward.

I no longer buy via exchanges for Crypto i plan to hold since I had some unpleasant experiences a while ago and I now normally use peer-to-peer, although using Ziglu make the overall process much easier!

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