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Five Reasons Why You Haven't Invested in Cryptocurrencies Yet!

By binici | blockchain-101 | 20 Apr 2020

Still stubborn, not interested, or don’t have time to invest in cryptocurrencies? Well, you’re going to miss the boat (or train) on a wealth transformation in your lifetime, that’s for sure!

Cryptocurrency investing

So, were you one of the fortunate people that lived through the awesome days of AOL, Amazon, Pentium II PC’s and Dotcom bubble, but didn’t benefit from the fortunes? If so, then second chances only happen once or twice in a life span, and this time around you’ll be prepared! As humans, we want results yesterday, but without the sacrifice of time and money. Just remember; the world doesn’t owe you anything, and to be rewarded, you earn success with patience and an aptitude of researching, studying, and taking risks.

I’ll highlight five main reasons why you’re hesitant in dipping your toes in the crypto world and why that decision will be the biggest blunder of your foreseeable future. Much like the stock market and other equity markets, you don’t receive many opportunities to buy the ‘bottom.’ I’m literally feeding you all the details below, which will give you a head start before mass adoption happens. You’ll literally be investing as if Amazon was $.10 per share at one point in time. With that said, let’s begin…

  • You Don’t Understand What Cryptocurrencies Are

Cryptocurrency is data (in bytes) that are transferred like email or text messages. What makes them unique is that they use a technology called blockchain (or similar) in order to move the data throughout the network. This is no different than you “moving” your money/funds within your Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or bank account(s). The unique aspect of cryptocurrencies is that they don’t need to have a middle man to settle or intervene between the peer-to-peer transactions. This not only gives you all the power to manage your assets but can cost significantly less than legacy systems and is more efficient than traditional methods. Check out this simple video and start here to learn and earn your first cryptocurrencies.

  • You Think Cryptocurrencies Are Too Difficult to Use

Sure sending cryptocurrencies can feel a bit clunky, but so were the days when you had to know your checking and routing numbers and fill them out on a slip of paper to hand to the teller…Remember those days? Yeah, the dark ages. How about the days when checks were a thing!? Mailing your checks to make payments was guesswork, right? We’re growing up in the digital age and glued to our mobile phones and devices. Naturally, technology will evolve and cryptocurrencies having a slight technical curve shouldn’t deter you from learning and investing. Before Netscape (remember that awesome browser), logging onto the internet was a pain in the neck. You had to know command lines and enter I.P. addresses as well as know the proper ports. All those geeks that studied and grasped the concepts of the internet are now CEO’s or retired thinking back to those glory days.

  • You Think Cryptocurrencies Have No Value or Aren’t Backed by Anything

Aw yes, the infamous, what value does cryptocurrencies have? Remember, a cryptocurrency is data, and data is invaluable! Yes, Target stores relish when you use their app, so they can track your shopping behaviors; telemarketers savor any info you can provide them over the call and Facebook, well you already know…You probably guessed it, since cryptocurrencies represent data, then data produces value! However, not all cryptocurrencies are the same. Compare various cryptocurrencies to banks, gas stations, and bread, yes bread! We are presented with choices, and humans love choices! People will use specific cryptocurrencies for payments, services, utilities, and as digital assets that represent real objects (we call this tokenization). I’ll leave you with this to ponder and Google, “What is the almighty dollar (paper fiat) backed by and really worth in value?”

  • You’re Against Change

I’m guilty of this as well for a number of things! You’re barely comfortable understanding how social media apps work, complacent with using your credit/debit cards, or realize that you won’t be able to grow your career (so you’ll put up with that one boss and company). Change is great in my opinion. This form of action weeds out those who are ready to adopt a revolutionary change whether it is for financial, health reasons, or higher education. Can you imagine all those naysayers who screamed that the internet was a scam and the “devil”? I bet they feel silly until this very moment.

  • You’re Broke and Think it’s Too Late

What if I were to tell you that you could earn cryptocurrencies within minutes and at no cost (other than your email and some info as if you were to open a bank account). Yes, on Coinbase (check my referral link for a bonus), you simply sign-up, take short quizzes, and receive cryptos in your account for joining the financial revolution. Also, you can research various projects and future cryptocurrencies that part-take in Airdrops. Airdrops are promotional giveaways or bonuses from the company, organization, project, or community to distribute and grow as well as market. Thinking that you’re too late to the party? Let me stress that we’ve only begun laying out the foundation of cryptocurrencies, regulations are happening, and countries are barely adopting, so the possibilities are endless!

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” “Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.” “The relative success of the bitcoin proves that money first and foremost depends on trust. Neither gold nor bonds are needed to back up a currency.”

To sum everything up, I am not a financial adviser, but I’m a technologist and here to educate you on what the future has to offer. Do you think the 1%ers sat on their thumbs pondering how and what to invest in order to create wealth? No, they researched, took chances, and hit their goals in stride to achieve their current status. I urge you to open your eyes and follow the rabbit hole, because the adventure only becomes more adventurous!

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies if you’ve made it this far.

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