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Started posting on Publish0x 10 days ago, already earned $5.58 in crypto

By NOVAX | Block To The Future | 27 Mar 2021


It's been 10 days since my first post on Publish0x (PRESEARCH: Decentralized Search = Information Freedom For All) and I've already earned $5.58. It's not just the crypto earnings that are really exciting, it's the potential here for real serious income with a larger following. I currently do not use any other social media accounts or websites to promote my Publish0x posts. I just post them to the site and let the traffic build organically. However, if you have an existing social media following, linking to your Publish0x posts seems like an excellent way to circulate content, increasing views & crypto rewards you earn for posting content to your blog. 

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Most of my rewards so far have come from a single post in a single day (Went looking for info on Unifi (UNFI), found Sesameseed (SEED), & discovered Tron Network's budding DeFi ecosystem), so I can imagine that a really well trafficked post could generate a lot of initial income and a fair amount of residual as well. I'm trying to link my posts together to create a network of related content. But I also want to be able to write organically about my experiences as they occur. I started my blog, Block To The Future, because I wanted to share some things I was learning with a couple of buddies. Now I'm seeing that it's a great tool to communicate with readers as well. There have been some really interesting comments on my posts ranging from new tokens & projects I hadn't heard of, to insights that go beyond what I had explored. So it's been a really fun first 10 days. I already have 43 followers and I'm seeing the potential to engage with the crypto community. I'm most excited about that because there is a selection bias on Publish0x for people who know a thing or two about blockchain.

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Publish0x will provide continual opportunities to earn additional rewards from blockchain projects looking to expand their communities by offering their tokens to bloggers through Publish0x post competitions and incentives. That's actually what brought me here. I've been using Presearch for a while and I really like everything about it. I like that the search feature rewards me with PRE tokens for searches. I love that I can stake my PRE on the Keyword Staking engine to generate traffic to my ads on Presearch's decentralized search engine. Furthermore, I am able to run a node to support the decentralized search engine and earn additional PRE token rewards. As someone who sees the value in Presearch, I am always excited to participate in any opportunity to earn additional Presearch tokens. Naturally, when I learned of this most recent #SearchWithPresearch Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway - $1,000 in ETH Prizes! event, I was intrigued!

presearch publish0x contest It's not too late to participate for anyone who still wants to jump in on the #SearchWithPresearch incentive initiative on Publish0x. Submissions are due by Sunday March, 28, 2021. It's great to have the opportunity to participate in the #SearchWithPresearch Publish0x competition, and it's really cool to see how many people I recognize from the Presearch Nodes telegram group, have written in the competition as well. One of the things I've come to appreciate about the blockchain community, and the decentralized search engine community in particular, is that we are for freedom of information. We want to be able to speak freely online and to have an equal opportunity to have our voices heard. Regardless of the socially acceptable or politically expedient language we are compelled to use, and the arbitrary community guidelines we attempt to conform to when using #BigTech platforms, blockchain based alt-tech video and social media platforms provide a way to speak freely. However, to be heard outside of these small incubating alt-tech platforms, we need an agnostic search engine that will aggregate all content with transparent and unbiased page ranking. Because freedom of information appears to be a shared value throughout the entire Presearch community, we also have a unique blend of voices. Check out the participation in the #SearchWithPresearch event so far.

There will certainly be other opportunities to earn additional rewards for participating in Publish0x promotional events in the future. I'm looking forward to learning about new projects, and learning more about existing projects, while engaging with the growing crypto community on Publish0x. I have received several very kind and encouraging words on a few of my posts so far and it's really cool that people are finding some value in reading my thoughts. I'm mostly just relaying my experiences as I explore different blockchains and new sectors of small market capitalization projects in the crypto economy. But every now and then, I pull out a page from Novax's 2000-2050 Crypto Almanac.

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So follow me over here for more Block To The Future blog posts so that you may place your bets with the certainty of Biff Tannen with the Sports Almanac from the future.


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