The Lunar Chinese New Year and It's Effects on the markets


The Lunar Chinese New Year's And It's effects on the Markets

Basic fundamental analysis is based on occuring events and news that effect the markets causing flactuations that go against the trend or influence the assets somehow. On the western side of the world most of these kind of events come on the daily, while in the east it's a bit different in that there is one game changer, a show stopper, literally. This is the lunar Chinese New year, it's the time of the year that all the Chinese or most of them go back to their local homes and celebrate the lunar new year. This time around it will be the year of the steel ox so maybe instead of bear traps we might experience more of the bullruns than we normally would otherwise expect. 

According to observations done based on data, demographics around the world have shown to occur a dramatic dip a week before the lunar Chinese New year and some raises in the week after the Chinese New year. This is entirely because the Chinese investors cash out to pay their employees that need to go back home with some cash to gift their relatives and friends. Soon after the giftings and bitings, the money returns to the markets then the prices go back up. This has not always been the case because only recently did the average person start involving themselves in the markets enough to cause noticeable changes. This year the lunar Chinese New year is taking place on the 12th of February. By the looks of the Bitcoin price, it seems steady but as we know the influence of emotions on the market, anything could happen.

There are a few issues that could contribute to the deep, that there are still lockdown procedures for the pandemic scam, possibilities are there that movement shall be hindered and the Chinese will be locked down in the cities they find themselves. This means that they will resort to using electronic red envelopes to send money home and share the festive spirit gifting playing games that would get them through the lockdowns. These electronic red envelopes are much less in value compared to the physical red envelopes given hand to hand. This also mean that the dip will be lower or non existent if there will be bans placed on traveling as the investors will find ways to pump the money back into the markets. Follow the fundermentals close and do your own research if you are interested.

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Lunar Chinese New year


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