BTC Crashes by +10K, rebounds in less than 48 hours, Bringing us right back

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So a while back we joined the crypto space. More like the crypto money gainers in that we put out content and gain money in our sleep. Its not totally like passive income but more like portfolio income which is more about service and delivery. Well thats what we think of the gains from the crypto platforms. We got a few but we had since retired from them. The reason was gains, routine, growth and goals, in a nutshell - changes. We all got to make some changes every now and then just to make sure that we adjust and readjust. Its something to do with activations and deactivations of the will. In that we had so many articles written on our favourite site publish0x right her, over at read.cash, we also got that trybe , the steemit, we got our own LBRY, on top of that we are uptrennders and we are part of the minds crew. Because of our life changes we had to resort to one or two that would actually come through monetary wise and so we did a count and found that we gain more on read.cash as in a few bucks everyday and it's in USD value tied to BCH. What that means is that we are able to withdraw to our wallet when we wish even if it's one solar worth, we usually like to accumulate upwards of 20 dollars. Plus the withdrawal options are a lot as in the amount in the wallet on the platform can be send readily converted to about 20 other cryptocurrencies. We tried the Litecoin, the BTC, obviously the BCH and the USDT. The rest seem like not worth the trouble of exploration. 


All this was through the last month and December. We set some goals to better our live like pull our cash together and get our own place, read more books but decided to stick more to audio books because we had been moving a lot. We haven't moved so much in our life like we did in the last couple of years. Eat healthier because a healthy mind makes a healthy body but the body must be fed healthy first. Positive life by feeling and being happy to curb life's issues and market dips. Also just try to surround ourselves with positive truthful and honest energy. Now as this plan was materialising toward the end of last year we withdrew some finds from here into our KuCoin wallet plus a a bit more from read.cash. it totaled to about 40$  which was nothing but we wanted to withdraw it. But we got reminded that we had lost everything once again a few months before so we had been in recovery phase. 


So we did what a normal person would do, recover where possible. Our body was drained of energy and we just kept getting smaller and smaller. We tried keeping our mind sharp by affirmations and positive mindset. We tried keeping family close but that's another story for another day. 

Our new year resolution was "Growth" only Growth. Now what that did was put is in hyperdrive, we grew more by learning more to shift our energies and be happy. Just an overall understanding that happiness really is the best medicine. We dug deeper and actually discovered that we normally don't get sick because of the happy vibes we got going. So we kept finding reasons to be happy. We get disappointed, we flip the finger mentally and fill up with positive vibrations. This has brought us more peace but we needed to learn more so shifts had to happen. We moved more and more all while growing our little portfolio. At this time we have gotten a few wallets in attempt to sort of ease the pressure of not being able to withdraw without our debit visa card so we sort of different ways that we could withdraw cardless. And the world is still going crazy about the pandemic scam. So I got bitrefill and binance. Its been a wild trip but with bitrefill I was able to top up my phone airtime usage and data so that was a relief. We ound this app to be all we need except that we are stuck in a country that doesn't approve of crypto so the plan is to move out whenever we get my documents together or just become a refugee in some crypto loving country. We was also able to book some hotel with the bitrefill app which is a different story but this app is able to get you food, Uber, Amazon , eBay. We are not trying to affiliate this app but it's been really good to me so we got no reason not to do so. Even if we didn't have a link we'd do it for free because it's so useful. We tried moving around with the phone airtime but it wasn't easy but it did happen. Now at the moment we have a bit over 400$ in the KuCoin portfolio. Which is enough to get us by and grow it some more but we actually had been getting a bit of hard time with the KYC and we are not the type to struggle with these things. So we had to search deeper and dig deeper and find what was the matter. As we did this we looked into the crypto cards. So all we really need is to get our documents which the ID is on the way, like a week or two out. After we get that we'd be able to workout the passport then we can do a whole KYC rampage which then can get us those crypto visa cards. Which would be so much better. We are still checking out kyc free crypto cards. 

So we have been putting out articles on read.cash and because we had been putting out so many articles over the last three months before we could even get anything, we now could get a a few bucks per article. Which is really good because then we got to withdraw to the portfolio almost daily. This was because we had lost access to one wallet on read.cash and it's worth 20 dollars just idling there, not a lot but it's something to learn a lesson from when they tell us to never hold more than 10-20 dollars in the account. For BTC and USDT it has to be over 20 for any transfers. This is because of the fees so we kept it BCH transfer to the portfolio then we convert in to other assets as needed. The KCS has been so wonderful, and the staking pools just keep dropping a few cents every now and then so we get rewards for our KCS twice every day. Small but its progress. Plus the KCS has been at about 2$ when we started with it now it's at 6$ so that pumped our portfolio a lot. We had been exploring other crypto projects like cake, farm, most of these ones are really hot on kyc so we just put out content on the various platforms and stake the gains, trade some like we got back into the Forex trading corner, slowly gaining momentum.


Trading is particularly easy for us. Its in the blood or genes but something's for sure, we did put in a lot of work in getting to know what we know. People look at us sticking to the markets and ask why we don't get a job and what not. The whole pandemic scam made sure that people like us, who are born to be had aren't to be considered for jobs or anything like that. Its easy just do this and that they say. We flip more middle fingers and really just stick it to our numbers, frequencies and vibrations. One way or another we will get woke and go on out of these places that don't want us but pretend to do so. Its a dog eat dog world they say to which respond that we'll good to know that y'all are dogs. All pun intended.


At the moment we are squaring in on getting the cash out of KuCoin although to be honest we really don't want to do that. What we want is to continue buying into the assets like these dips are so sweet. BTC dips a cool +10K. That's golden. In this whole mix we will be sharing other forms of articles here on Publish0x . Mostly crypto related but sometimes a storyline won't hurt. Too much of anything can make you sick even the good can be a curse so a bit of some other reading than crypto to refresh the mind but to relate to is in the pipeline.


We like to think of these moments where we cannot clearly see the bigger picture as spice to our story dish.

Its a good time to be alive and we have to continue being happy. Because nothing matters more than that I feel good so I continue to feel good. 


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