Acceptance - The Key To Be Truly Free - Part I / Trilogy



There are lots of truths in existence, most of which can get you where you want to go for the reasons you search for them. Once the truth being searched for is found, what follows is acceptance, one might hear people talk about denial or what not but truth is that acceptance happens in denial too. Acceptance works both ways just like counting, acceptance can be both negative and positive. This is a part of an acceptance phase I had gone through, still got more to deal with!!!

As the whole world, at least my part of it starts to unveil and intertwine with my whole life. I begin to understand how it will be to truly be myself after the pandemic. The ying to balance out the yang is really just begging me to stand aside and have more of this, I mean whats better than the world knowing your inter-mixtures after already getting wasted with you? would you worry about anything at all? Just a thought trend about who I really am, going through life blind just to find that it was all a dream.


The thorough acceptance that I am far better than I ever was, whenever I was, it is by far the most beautiful thing, in being truly motivated in knowing that I can do anything, go anywhere and be anything just makes me want the whole of existence to know my polar differences. Giving up my position has become a tool/weapon to me that as the enemy plans to counter my jumps, I quit, almost everyday. I am quitting the race at least a few times a day and I do not feel lost at all, I feel untamed, undefeated state of mind as its always been.

Slowly lose the crowd, I tell myself : to lose the crowd you have to go through the crowd. Bravery is more than faith, faith is super powerful when you go about it without talking about it or even showing it. Otherwise it becomes all too pathetic, at least most of them become two faced for clout. That observation in me begs to be cut out, piece by piece. Let it burn as it will. "Kill them all and keep moving"




Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


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Bless up!

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