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Play now for a chance to win 1000 SAND tokens. ENDING SOON!

By Stevie_09 | Block Hero | 28 Mar 2022

I'm going to keep this real short and simple because time is short

If you follow this link to sign up for the Sandbox WIN 1000 SAND! 

Play through the Alpha quests to accumulate as many raffle tickets as you can before Thursday this week (March 31st 2022)

Be in with a chance to win up to 1000 SAND tokens which as it stands at time of typing this is worth $3620 USD

It is possible for experienced gamers to do this in a day and YouTube has all the guides to complete every quest

The link above and HERE is a referral link and in using it to sign up helps me and the community reach its goal of 10000 new players to the ecosystem and also grants me another raffle ticket. This is something you can also do for yourself once signed up with details on the contest page of the Sandbox website.

Get started today for a chance to win 1000 SAND ($3620)


There are a tons of resources and information on the website please feel free to ask questions in the comments below if you need some help with it. Good luck :-)



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