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By Zaramchi | Bliss Intertek | 18 Apr 2020


Every business needs to make profits. Aside from the provision of valuable services (which is the main reason for establishing a business), the next important thing is to make money.

Since the current real estate industry is mainly controlled by intermediaries, it is important to make use of another approach. That approach is the integration of the blockchain technology and the Leasehold network to make everything work.



At the core of the features that come with the Leasehold network/blockchain is the use of a decentralized ledger, which is the blockchain technology. The platform (Leasehold) is sure that the integration of the blockchain technology will be the game-changer as far as the reinvention of the global real estate industry is concerned.


Interestingly, the decentralization cuts across many aspects. Those will be discussed below:

1- Free of Intermediaries

The first input of the decentralization policy is in the area of removing intermediaries and third parties. Leasehold does that by leveraging the Distributed Ledger Technology (the blockchain technology), which promotes Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions.

As you may have known, the more persons are involved in any transaction, the more funds that will be spent.

Therefore, the removal of intermediaries and third parties means that Leasehold will be able to facilitate real estate transactions directly from the sellers/owners to the investors.

2- Leverages Emerging Markets

Leasehold also takes advantage of the emerging markets. In this case, it continually looks for new opportunities, which can be harnessed to get profits at the end of the transactions.

Ideally, Leasehold works hand-in-hand with both the property owners who want to be mentioned and those that want to remain anonymous. The platform also opens up the opportunities for those who simply want to invest to do so.

3-Even Real Estate Sharing

The profits that accrue from real estate are evenly shared. This is partly because of the decentralized profit sharing model that ensures that, and mainly because Leasehold is out to enrich the investors.

It is important to mention that Leasehold has a special offer for property owners. For this set of people, Leasehold allows them to own a certain portion of profits that accrue from their properties.

4- Mining Pool

In furtherance of the platform’s transparency, Leasehold has a Property Mining Pool. This pool serves as the primary medium of gaining insights into the real-time data of the Leasehold Holdings’ financial activities.

Leasehold Holdings, which is the parent company of Leasehold, will publicize its financial standings and milestones so that the investors can see the incomes of the company, as well as the current tokens that are to be used for deflationary purposes.

5- Tokenization


All transactions on the Leasehold platform will be facilitated using the Leasehold Token (LSH).

LSH is not only the primary token of Leasehold. It is also the main payment method for all activities carried out in the broader Leasehold ecosystem.






Have you always wanted to invest in real estate? There may be no better time to do that.

If you are looking at “testing the water,” I advise that you tag along with Leasehold, where you will benefit from the decentralized and profitable real estate sharing model.










Bitcointalk Username- Intertek

Photo Credit- Leasehold

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