Concept of the MIND according to Eye of GOD - JYOTISHA

By ThreeKnowledge | ThreeKnowledge | 29 Dec 2020

Jyotisha is literaly said to be the “Eye of the God”.

Here is a brief Jyotisha concept of the mind.

MOON is the significator of the MIND. Mind is the platform in which the emotions are felt. A person with a badly afflicted MOON will be a lunatic, for DEFINATE.

Interestingly the LATIN origin of the word LUNATIC clearly states the relationship of the MOON and mental plane.

Mercury is the significator of INTELLECT and COMMUNICATION. The discretion of what is right and wrong is determined by the MERCURY.

MOON has no ENEMY. But MERCURY‘s enemy is MOON.

The concept is beautifully represented that an INTELLECTUAL PERSON does not like EMOTIONS.

True enough, emotions have no place in INTELLECT. If INTELLIGENCE has perceived something to be of such existence, emotions should not deter it from such observation.

WISDOM is signified by JUPITER.

INTELLECT itself is a product of MIND. It cannot claim itself to have descended from WISDOM. Though INTELLECT can easily pass off to be WISDOM in its origin, it is not originating from WISDOM but from the MIND.

This concept is told metamorphically that Jupiter had a wife named TARA. TARA had an illicit relationship with MOON and got the child MERCURY. Jupiter views MERCURY as its enemy as MERCURY is an illegitimate child claiming to be that of Jupiter.

In reality, MERCURY (INTELLECT) is just a product of MIND(MOON), pretending to be WISDOM(JUPITER).

Scientifically the genes that determines intelligence is said to be in the X chromosome.

For a guy (XY) chromosome, the X chromosome must come from the Mother. The Y chromosome from the father.  His intelligence is inherited from the maternal side.

For a girl (XX) , both the X chromosomes comes from the mother and father one of each. However, the X chromosome of the DAD comes from his mother, which means naturally girls have intelligence from both maternal and paternal side, but guys have a maternal form of intelligent inheritance.

In Jyotisha , the entire sky is mapped and divided into 12 houses. 1st House is the HEAD and the 12th House is the FEET.

As per the birth time of an individual, the 1st House is taken as the rising eastern horizon’s sky from his birth location.  Each houses have different qualities and significations.

For an individual, the 4th house is the house of MOTHER. It is also the house to see one’s capability of higher studies and mental composition that sets the tone for one’s intelligence.

One’s mind, intelligence, and mother’s upbringing and one’s identity shapes a person’s conduct. It is well documented that thoughts of a mother during pregnancy influences the taste and likes of a baby.

Thus , one’s conduct ( the identity of one’s self esteem) is also known from the 4th house.
Usually people with high self-esteem will have high set of moral values. Only people with a very low self-esteem will engage in immoral acts.

If one’s conduct is questionable, either the MOON or 4th house is severely afflicted.

Additionally, in Jyotisha concept, the position of the MOON as per one’s birth time clearly signifies one's life course.

Just as the sky is divided into 12 houses, the same sky is allocated to 27 group of stars. Each group of star is called NAKSHATRA.

The placement of the MOON in a particular nakshatra (CONSTELLATION) determines one’s JANMA NAKSHATRA. As per his JANMA nakshatra (ZODAIC), his dasha (timing) of respective planets influence is calculated. Dasha shows the influence of each planet as per one’s birth time.

Though there are wonderful combinations for an INDIVIDUAL, only if the right DASHA(right time) is happening,  an opportunity for the good event will get activated. Similarly, even if there are very bad combinations in AN INDIVIDUAL birth chart, only if the DASHA of the planets involved in giving such malefic effects is occurring can the effects be felt.

The power of the MOON is not to be under-rated in the astrological field. As such there are many more gems hidden in JYOTISHA.

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Regardless of your faith or culture, the truth told in this field of knowledge will definitely change your perception towards life. 

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